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ANZCCART Australia
C/- The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia
Phone: +618 8313 7585
Fax: +618 8313 7587

ANZCCART New Zealand
C/- The Royal Society of New Zealand
PO Box 598 Wellington
New Zealand
Phone: +644 472 7421
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Welcome to ANZCCART

This web site contains information for animal carers, animal ethics committee members and scientists as well as other interested parties.

Through this web site we hope to further the primary goals of ANZCCART which include promoting the responsible use of animals in research and teaching, and informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters.

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The latest News from ANZCCART


2016 ANZCCART Conference
Registrations for this year's Conference are now open.  Please see here to register or for more information.

The Call for Abstracts is also open and more information can be viewed here.

2016 AEC Member of the Year Award.  Nominations for this year's award are now open and close Friday 6 May.   More information can be viewed here.

South Australian AEC Member Training 2015

Download the latest ANZCCART News, Volume 28, Number 3, 2015 here.

2015 ANZCCART Annual Report. The latest Report is available for members to download now.

AEC Member Induction Information Package
As part of an ongoing process of ensuring that ANZCCART publications are current, please be advised that the AEC Member Induction Information package has been updated and may now be viewed.

Euthanasia of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes - Download a low resolution copy of the publication here.  Please note that this publication is no longer available in hard copy,

Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes 8th Edition

CCAC Three Rs Microsite