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Please refer to the latest 2016 edition of the ANZCCART News below:

  • Volume 29, Number 2

    Inside This Edition

    • ANZCCART Guidelines for the Humane Killing of Cane Toads
    • Updated Principles and Guidelines for the Care and Use of Non-Human Primates for Scientific Purposes
    • Victorian Animal Welfare Under Review
    • ANZCCART is on the move

    Recent Articles of Interest

    • John Hopkins Ends Use of Live Animals to Train Med Students
    • Animal-based antibodies: Obsolete
    • Spain Joins the Bandwagon for 'Openness' About Animal Research
  • Volume 29, Number 1

    Inside This Edition

    • Warning about radio-collar design
    • Animal welfare as a socioscientific issue: Engaging adolescents in science
    • Amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1986 (Victoria)

    Recent Articles of Interest

    • A mouse's house may ruin experiments
    • Mouse Model for Zika Virus Enables Immediate Screening of Potential Drugs and Vaccines
    • SPF30 Sunscreen May Cut Cancer Risk to 80%
    • Camera traps may aid conservation
    • Dirty room-mates make lab mice more useful
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