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Beacon of Enlightenment

Strategic Plan 2013-2023

Sub Cruce Lumen: light under the Cross. Against the vast Australian skies the University of Adelaide shines as a beacon bright as the Southern Cross: it illuminates new knowledge and is a lodestar of enlightened learning for South Australia and the world.

The University of Adelaide - Beacon of Enlightenment

In a rapidly changing environment, the University of Adelaide is clear about its goals and intentions. It draws strength from its founding values as it fulfils its future research and teaching aspirations. It faces resource challenges with imagination, and invites its external supporters in government, industry, the professions, its alumni and the community to share in advancing its mission.

The University was founded in 1874, and the decade commencing in 2013 will take it to the eve of the 150th anniversary in 2024. This Strategic Plan sets out how the University wishes to be seen at its sesquicentenary—as an international institution that distinctively embraces the ideal of the research university, where the excitement, vitality and passion of the search for new knowledge is one in which all students participate; as an enlightened and tolerant community where able students can find support, whatever their background or circumstances; and as a place where the Kaurna people, original custodians of the land on which the campuses now rest, are acknowledged and their culture respected.

Professor Warren Bebbington
Vice-Chancellor and President
December 2012

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