Vice-Chancellor & President

The University of Adelaide is administered by the Vice-Chancellor & President, Professor Warren Bebbington.

As Vice-Chancellor & President, Professor Bebbington is the University's principal academic and Chief Executive Officer.

Visit the Office of the Vice-Chancellor & President website or read Professor Warren Bebbington's blog for more information.

Structure & Governance

The Vice-Chancellor & President is responsible to the University's Council for the academic standards, management and administration of the University.

Professor Bebbington is supported in this role by senior managers and top level managers.

Visit the Structure & Governance page to find out more.

Strategic Plan

In a rapidly changing environment, the University of Adelaide is clear about its goals and intentions.

The Strategic Plan sets out how the University wishes to be seen at its 150th anniversary in 2024 - as an international institution that distinctively embraces the ideal of the research university.