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Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD)

ancient dna

Combining advanced ancient DNA facilities with dedicated bioinformatics capabilities, ACAD conducts leading research into ancient human migration, megafaunal extinction, ancient microbiomes and forensic analysis.

Development of cutting-edge ancient DNA approaches is undertaken in collaboration and partnership with research teams, museums and industries around the world. Our success is based on a passion for science and a strong team dynamic, which results in the delivery of high impact publications, mentoring higher degree researchers and science outreach.

The Australian Centre for Ancient DNA is supported by the Environment Institute and is a major research initiative of the School of Biological Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

Our top picks

Recent publication

Analyses of bone chemistry of megafauna fossils from 3 continents (Eurasia, North America and South America) shed light on climate conditions at the end of the last ice age that contributed to alterations of feeding grounds for some of our extinct species. Read more

ACAD's blog

View the latest eye-catching video produced by Barefoot Nature, who visited the international research team at Natural Trap Cave, Wyoming, USA, to capture a week of caving, archeology and exacavation. It's another day at the office for some lucky researchers. Click here

We are recruiting!

PhD and job opporunties now available. Come join our team and work on exciting and interesting projects. Both doemstic and international scholarships are available via application. Learn more

Research insights in higher degree research

Interested UoA undergrads are welcome to attend our lab meetings held weekly to learn about projects, meet researchers, and gain insight into how research is conducted. Contact us here for further details.


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