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Private Share and Rental Accommodation

Finding quality and affordable accommodation in the private rental market can be difficult particularly when your are also making the transition to a new country, adjusting to an unfamiliar and intensive academic program.

It is for this reason that the University of Adelaide recommends all students consider securing a place in managed student accommodation for their first year, as searching for permanent housing in an unfamiliar city can be a time consuming and stressful process.

If you would prefer to live in share or private rental accommodation the Accommodation Service can assist you in finding quality rental options through the rental database.

The rental database is a tool exclusively available to University of Adelaide students.

The database, which is updated daily and free of charge, is only available to enrolled students who will need a University user name and password before being able to access the listings.

  • Renting

    Renting a house or unit in the private rental market or joining an established household (share accommodation) with others offers students a high level of privacy and independence.

    An average house or apartment usually consists of a lounge and/or dining room, bathroom, toilet, laundry, kitchen and one to four bedrooms. The cost depends on factors such as location, quality and size, and whether it is furnished or not.

    Most houses and apartments are unfurnished so you need to buy or rent furniture and other household items. Rental costs decrease as you move further from the city and the North Terrace campus.

    Most property owners require a 12-month lease. Initial expenses are high, as it is necessary to pay a minimum of two weeks rent in advance plus a security deposit (or 'bond') equal to a maximum of four weeks rent (always obtain a receipt for these payments). You may also need to pay charges for connecting electricity, telephone and gas.

    Signing a lease imposes certain responsibilities so you must ensure you understand these obligations. Infringements can lead to legal proceedings and associated expenses.

    If you have any questions regarding your obligations under a lease agreement seek assistance from the Accommodation Service.

  • Sharing

    Sharing a rented house or apartment with the other people is generally the most economical and flexible form of student housing.

    Generally, each person has their own bedroom, while bathroom, kitchen and living areas are for everyone to share and maintain. You will usually be expected to provide your own bedroom furniture and to contribute to the cost of household goods, security bond and connection of services.

    Entering into share accommodation arrangements:

    • Always use reputable share and private rental accommodation information resources
    • Never make a financial commitment to share accommodation without having the opportunity to inspect the property and meet prospective housemates
    • Confirm the agreed terms and conditions by which you agree to rent the room by a written agreement. Contracts protect your rights as well as those of the property owner / head tenant
    • Ensure written agreements are prepared in English so they can be easily assessed if independent mediation is required to resolve misunderstandings
    • Ensure that the property owner has been advised that you are joining the household to protect your entitlement to the security bond you pay for the room. NB. Tenants looking to leave tenancy agreements may try to find someone to replace them without the knowledge of the property owner. If you pay a security deposit to the departing tenant without making adjustments to the entitlements of the original security bond, you may not be deemed eligible to receive your portion of the bond refund when released at the natural termination of the tenancy agreement
    • If a tenant vacates the property you share, encourage the property owner to conduct an inspection prior to your sharemate vacating to avoid being held responsible for any cleaning or maintenance issues identified at the natural termination of the tenancy agreement and after original sharemates departing
    • Always receive and keep copies of correspondence pertaining to your accommodation arrangements and receipts for any payments you make
    • Seek advice and support from the Accommodation Service
  • Finding Accommodation

    Our Accommodation Service team is available to assist students in finding accommodation in the private rental market.

    Visit the Accommodation Service Centre on North Terrace campus or contact us should you have any questions prior to arriving in Adelaide.

    In addition to the support provided at our Accommodation Service Centre students will also benefit from access to free internet, local telephone calls and our Rental Database.

    Students interested in securing private rental accommodation are advised to:

    1. Begin to research private rental options before they arrive in Adelaide.
    2. Don’t expect to find suitable private rental accommodation quickly. Some students have no choice but to accept sub-standard or expensive private rental accommodation because they are unable to extend their temporary accommodation option.

    Real Estate Websites

    Students are DISCOURAGED from sending money from offshore to secure share or rental accommodation without having had the opportunity to inspect the accommodation first.

    The Accommodation Service recommends that students begin to research options in the private rental market well before they arrive in Adelaide so that they can form realistic expectations.

    It is important that students give consideration to identify their specific needs by determining their preferred type of accommodation, location and price position. Establishing an accommodation profile will reduce the time it takes to find suitable accommodation on arrival.

    The following websites are useful for research and sourcing private rental accommodation:

    Student Rooms

    Student Rooms manages a portfolio of residential properties in the private rental market offering close to 200 affordable beds for the exclusive use of students in shared living environments. Each new student housemate undergoes an interview with a Student Rooms’ team member, where the students’ needs are assessed and they are offered a place in the most suitable Student Rooms location for their needs.

    The process, including a Skype interview, can be completed while a student is in their home country. Web links are available making it possible to access accurate video walk through tours of every house and every room.

    Student Rooms
    38 Gawler Place
    Phone: (08) 7070 2560

Students are DISCOURAGED from sending money from offshore to secure share or rental accommodation without having had the opportunity to inspect the accommodation first.

If in doubt of the legitimacy of online share or private accommodation listings please contact the Accommodation Service for more information about on compliant or fraudulent activities of website providers.

For more information, please contact the Accommodation Service.

Accommodation Service

T: +61 8 8313 5220
F: +61 8 8313 3338
skype: uoaaccommodation

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