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Things to Consider

Students coming to Adelaide for the first time are encouraged to consider living in a managed student accommodation environment in their first year.

Finding comfortable accommodation, in a convenient location with the right people is important and may take time. Factors such as budget, length of stay and whether you want to live alone or with others will influence your decision.

The University of Adelaide encourages new students to research all available housing options before they arrive at University so they can establish a realistic expectation and budget for accommodation (including the cost of utilities) and living expenses.

To read more about your accommodation options, you can download a copy of the 2017 Student Accommodation Guide pdf or view the slides from the Accommodation Services Open Day presentation pdf.


The University offers students the following approach to successfully identifying an accommodation option that will meet each individual’s specific needs and serve to enhance their education experience.

Searching for Accommodation
R Research all available accommodation options
E Establish a realistic budget
C Consider the value of managed student accommodation
A Avoid extended temporary accommodation
S Seek assistance from the University Accommodation Service

Choosing to live in managed student accommodation provides students with an opportunity to focus settling into their academic program, make new friends and to become better acquainted with the city, free from the distraction of the challenges that may present in the private rental market.

Having invested in the safety and security of a managed student accommodation environment in the first year, students tend to be better prepared to enter into share or rental accommodation agreements in subsequent years.

Managed student accommodation refers to facilities that are built and operated for the exclusive use of students, in which pastoral care, academic support and a high level of safety and security is maintained on a daily basis.

Whilst managed student accommodation may at first glance appear to be more expensive than other options, it is important to consider the ‘added value’ managed student accommodation represents. For example, fully furnished accommodation, fee inclusions and onsite management.

The Student Accommodation Service is familiar with the challenges students face when making the transition from a supported home environment to University life, particularly when they are required to do so in a new city and without direct access to family and friends.

The following matrix offers a personal accommodation assessment tool to assist students to identify the long term student accommodation category that will best serve to meet their individual needs and enhance their education experience.

Accommodation options
Category Description Accommodation option Student profile
Gold category accommodation University residential environment

University-managed student accommodation

Residential colleges

New students to the University, without a local support network, looking to establish a solid foundation to ongoing academic success with direct access to University learning and student support services within their residential environment.
Silver category accommodation Commercial student accommodation Urbanest Students looking for the convenience and comfort of packaged accommodation in a student residential environment.
Bronze category accommodation Independent living Share / Rental Accommodation Senior students with the skills and experience to enter into tenancy arrangements and pursue an independent lifestyle.

See the Accommodation Comparison Table (below) for more examples. Whatever you decide, the Accommodation Service is here to help you find the right place to live and study.

  • Accommodation Comparison Table
    Accommodation Comparison Table
      University Accommodation Residential College Private Rental / Share Accommodation Commercial Student Accommodation Student Hostels
    Average weekly cost $198-258 $378-421* $110-400 $239-395 $120-260
    Application Book in advance Book in advance Inspect on arrival Book in advance Book in advance
    Room Options Single bedrooms; choice of shared or private bathroom Single bedrooms, share bathrooms Varies Single & double rooms; one & two bedroom apartments with private bathroom options. Single rooms
    Furniture Fully furnished Fully furnished Unfurnished; budget for set up costs Fully furnished Fully furnished
    Meals Not provided Provided Not provided Not provided Provided
    Proximity to University Close to University Close to University Access via public transport Close to University Access via public transport
    Telephone The Village - Connected & included in fee (calls are extra)
    - Must be connected & paid for
    Most have phones in rooms; Kathleen Lumley residents connect at own cost. Must be connected & paid for Additional expense Phone extensions are not provided in student rooms.
    Internet The Village - in-room, wireless connectivity. Included in fee.
    Mattanya - must be connected and paid for.
    Most colleges provide in-room connections; Must be connected & paid for In room connection provided, pay for usage Each hostel has its own arrangements
    Electricity Connected & included in fee Connected & included in fee Must be connected & paid for Additional expense Connected & included in fee
    Minimum Commitment One semester (26 weeks); preference is given to full year (52 week) applications Contract offered on a semester or academic year basis Lease agreements 6-12 months Lease agreements 6-12 months Flexible
    Security The Village - onsite management, 24 hours a day. Mattanya - available 24 hours via telephone On-site management & 24 hour security Nil Access to emergency contact Each hostel has own arrangements
    Pastoral Care and Academic Tutoring The Village - University staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    - nil
    Extensive pastoral care, academic tutoring & support Independent living Staff on-site during operating hours. No tutorial support Nil
    Location Close to the Central Market, supermarkets, Chinatown, cafés & restaurants In North Adelaide, a short distance from the University Varies City location Varies
    * Kathleen Lumley College average cost $265-340 per week.

    The University of Adelaide has endeavoured to ensure this information is correct. The University gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information and the University reserves the right to make changes without notice at any time in its absolute discretion. Users of this site are advised to make their own enquiries directly with the relevant accommodation provider before acting upon or in consideration of this information.

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