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Alumni in Print

Read about the latest publications written or contributed to by our diverse and talented alumni.

Paradise is Underwater: Memoir of a marine biologist Dr Scoresby A Shepherd AO (LL B 1958, BA 1959, M Env St 1980)
Scoresby Shepherd AO has spent much of his life studying the fauna and flora of temperate Australian waters, and their ecology, and has published 131 papers or chapters in books. His latest book Paradise is Underwater presents the life of a marine biologist and fisheries worker in South Australia from his earliest days in the country to the present. Purchase

Paradise Underwater

Boots, shoes and seeds: the life of Peter Field Dr John Field (B Sc (Hons) 1968, PhD 1987)
Orphaned at 15 months and consigned to an English workhouse: this was Peter Field’s bleak start in life. But with energy, hard work and entrepreneurial skill, Peter built up a prosperous boot manufacturing business in Toowoomba and southern Queensland. In retirement, Peter and his wife, Sarah, established one of the most popular guesthouses in Toowoomba, which ran successfully for 30 years. Purchase

Trading Places

Trading Places Tim Harcourt (B Ec (Hons) 1987)
In Trading Places, Tim Harcourt - also known as the Airport Economist - takes you around the globe, talking to businesses, governments, union officials, NGOs and others in the community to understand what makes each economy tick. He reveals where the opportunities are, identifies the risks, and provides insider tips on doing business in each destination. Purchase

Trading Places

The Landscape of Dreams Margaret Dingle (BA 1967, MA 1999)
Margaret Dingle, writing under her maiden name, Margaret Fensom, has published her first full-length book of poetry. Topics include travel, nature, the environment and other social concerns, and expressions of faith and doubt. The final section relates to CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Purchase

The Landscape of Dreams

Letters from Ramazzini Nicholas Grey (B Ec 1979, BA 1987, Grad Dip Occ Hlth 1995) Bernardino Ramazzini, the 18th century Italian academic and physician, is universally acknowledged as the father of occupational medicine. Three centuries after his death, as a tribute to his life's work, his classic academic text 'A Treatise on the Diseases of Working People' has been given a makeover in verse by Nicholas Grey. Email to purchase

Letters from Ramazzini

There and Back with a Dinkum W R G Colman (BE 1922), edited by Claire Woods (BA (Hons) 1973, Paul Skrebels (PhD Arts 1992)
This is the remarkable account of Russell Colman, a young student who enlisted and served in the 27th Battalion during the First World War. After sitting in the archives of the Australian War Memorial for the past 80 years, Colman's words now come to life, and tell us what it means to be a civilian in a soldier's world. Purchase

There and Back with a Dinkum
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