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Perpetual Email

Perpetual email is a great way to stay in contact with family, friends, associates and other alumni. While it is not an inbox storage facility, it does allow you to have a single, University-based email forwarding address no matter where life takes you.

How Does Perpetual Email Work?

Perpetual email automatically forward emails to your personal or work email account - so even if you switch your internet service provider, move overseas or change jobs, your perpetual email forwarding address will continue to reach you.

How Do I Set Up My Perpetual Email Account?

  • Login to your alumni account. If you do not have an account, you will need to request access.
  • Update your preferred email and Perpetual Email address.
  • If the field is blank you can personalise your Perpetual Email address by typing in, for example, your firstname.surname into the editable field.
  • Make sure you click 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen to save the changes you've made.

For further information, please email or phone External Relations on +61 8 8313 5800.

External Relations

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