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Honours Alumni University Medal

The Honours Alumni University Medal is awarded for outstanding academic merit.

The recipients are:

Year Name Degree
1992 M K Hood BE
1993 Alexander Hanysz BSc (Ma & Comp Sc)
1994 M Paterson BA
1995 Elizabeth M Leane BA
1997 Duncan C Richer BEc, BSc (Ma & Comp Sc)
1998 A R Dick BSc (Ma & Comp Sc) (Hons), BSc (Ma & Comp Sc)
1999 Peter J Psaltis M B B S
2000 Emily Hackett Jones BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc
2001 Farmer S Schlutzenberg BSc (Ma & Comp Sc) (Hons), BSc (Ma & Comp Sc)
2002 Najmeh Habili LL B (Hons), BCom (Acc)
2003 Shom Goel MBBS, B Med Sc
2004 Tyson Ritter BSc, BE (Elec)
2005 Simon Jonathan Tuke B Ma & Comp Sc (Hons)
2006 Adam Palmer BSc (Hons)
2007 James Edward Daniell BE (Civil & STruct) (Hons), B Sc
2008 Brendan Lim LL B (Hons), BMus (Perf) (Hons), BMus (Perf) (Jazz), BSc (Ma & Comp Sc)
2009 George Forrest Young B Ma & Comp Science
2010 Claire Marie Weekley B Sc (EcoChemistry), B Sc (Hons)
2011 Emma Langhans B Sc (High Perf Comp Phys) (Hons)
2012 Phiala Shanahan B Sc (High Perf Comp Phys) (Hons)
2013 Phillip Allgeuer B E (Mechatronic), B Ma & Comp Sc
2014 Simon Blacket B Sc (Hons)
2015 Gemma Gransbury B Sc (Hons)
2016 Cathryn McDonald B E (Electrical & Electronic) (Hons)
2017 Johann Andersson B E (Telecoms) (Hons)

To find out more about the award and nomination process, please email us.

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