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Postgraduate Alumni University Medal

The Postgraduate Alumni University Medal is awarded each year to a graduating postgraduate for outstanding academic merit.

The recipients are:

Year Name Degree
2002 Gregory P Harmer PhD (Electrical E)
2003 Said Al-Sarawi PhD (Electrical E)
2004 Samuel P Mickan PhD, BA, BE (Elec) Hons)
2005 Bradley S Ferguson PhD, BE (Elec) (Hons)
2006 Mark D McDonnell PhD (Electronic), B Sc (Ma & Comp Sc) (Hons), BE (Elec), B Sc (Ma & Comp Sc)
2007 John N Hedditch PhD (Physics & Astro), B Sc (Hons), B Sc
2008 Not awarded
2009 Nam Q Nguyen PhD (Med), MBBS (Hons)
2010 Dr Clancy James PhD (Physics & Astro), B Sc (Hons), B Sc, B Ec
2011 Samuel N Cohen PhD (Ma & Comp Science), BA Ma Sc (Hons), BA Ma & Comp Sc, B Fin
2012 Stephen Warren-Smith PhD (Physics and Astro), B Sc (Hons), B Sc
2013 Omid Kavehei PhD (Electronic E)
2014 Krista Sumby PhD (Ag & Nat Res Sc)
2015 Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi PhD (Electrical E)
2016 Phiala Shanahan PhD (Physics & Astro)
2017 Jing Jing Duan PhD (Chem E)

To find out more about the award and nomination process, please email us.

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