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About the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

Research within the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research ('The Hugo Centre') has a strong focus on demographic, population and policy issues with a particular interest in international and internal migration related to Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Formerly the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre (APMRC) and founded by the late Professor Graeme Hugo AO, ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, Professor of Geography and world renowned leader in population and migration research, the Centre has recently been renamed in his honour.

There are a number of experienced researchers and PhD students associated with the Hugo Centre as well as many adjunct staff.

Centre Research Focus

The Centre focuses not only on progressing our understanding of migration and population but also on the development of effective policy and practice. Through its various research and consultancy activities, the Hugo Centre can provide:

  • a major focus and vehicle for researchers and planners to collaborate in the analysis and use of population and social data;
  • make public and private sector planning in Australia 'smarter' through the analysis of existing data using advanced GIS technology;
  • define patterns of changing need for clients as well as inform their planning and policy processes in an effective and timely way; and
  • linking client data to other social and demographic data as another means of effecting planning and policy development.

The Hugo Centre incorporates the National Centre for the Social Applications of GIS (GISCA) which has an established reputation in providing a wide range of spatial analysis, modelling and GIS consultancy services for Commonwealth, State and local governments, non-government organisations, and the private sector.

Areas of research and consultancy expertise include:

  • demographic trends and analysis (especially population mobility);
  • internal, international and regional migration;
  • ageing populations and the implications for social and economic change;
  • health and aged care;
  • spatial analysis and modelling;
  • standard demographic profiles for local government organizations;
  • analysis of census data, and other social and economic data;
  • population and housing projections; and
  • electoral boundary analysis, optimising service provision.


Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Napier Building
The University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005


+61 8 8313 5646

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