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Archived Projects (1995-2011)

GISCA's Early Project History

GISCA was established in 1995. Since this time, GISCA has undertaken numerous projects on a broad range of topics for a diverse range of clients from the private sector to all levels of government.

For more information on the projects listed below, please email APMRC.

  • Projects (2011-2008)


    Australian Research Council - Linkage Project - Australian Diasporas and Brain Gain: Exploring Current and Potential Transnational Linkages

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship - The Population Distribution Effects of Migration in Australia


    Asian Development Bank - Addressing Climate Change and Migration in the Asia Pacific

    Australian Research Council Discovery Project - Circular Migration in Asia, the Pacific and Australia: Empirical, Theoretical and Policy Dimensions

    Australian Research Council Linkage Project - Measuring Accessibility to Cardiovascular Services Throughout Australia via Applied Spatial Technology (GIS) - Cardiac ARIA

    City of Charles Sturt - Impact of the 30 Year Plan on the Demography of Charles Sturt


    Australian Research Council Discovery Project - Rural Migrant Labour in Large Chinese Cities

    Australian Research Council Linkage Project - Australia's Baby Boomer Generation: Obesity at Work - Patterns, Causes and Implications

    Australian Research Council Linkage Project - The Development and Testing of a Theory of the Processes That Shape Material Culture Diversity Using a New Guinea Dataset.

    Australian Research Council Linkage Project - Exploring Relationships Between Material Culture and Language, Propinquity, Population, Subsistence and Environment in the Upper Sepik-Central New Guinea Regions.

    Australian Research Council Linkage Project - Obesity, Health, Social Disadvantage and Environment in Australia: Relationships and Policy Implications

    Baker and McKenzie - Migration Patterns from Hong Kong to Australia

    Department of Health and Ageing - Pharmacy/Doctor Accessibility in Communities Throughout Australia

    Department of Planning and Local Government (Planning SA) - Analysis of Recent (2001-2006) and Likely Future (2006-2036) Trends in International Migration to South Australia

    State-wide Superannuation - Demography and Superannuation: A South Australian Perspective, 2009


    Barossa and Light Regional Development Board - Barossa and Light Population Strategy

    Commonwealth Grants Commission - Redevelopment of State ARIA (SARIA) Classifications for Australia, Based on the 2006 Australian Census

    City of Onkaparinga - Data and Map Production in Relation to the City of Onkaparinga Representation Review

    City of Port Adelaide Enfield - Ward Modelling in Relation to City of Port Adelaide Enfield Representation Review

    Department of Families and Communities (SA) - State of Ageing in South Australia

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) - Population Movement in the Pacific

    Griffith University - Profiling Staff

    Life Care Churches of Christ - Analysis of Change in the Older Population in South Australia

    OECD Development Centre - Migration Management: Policy Options and Impacts on Development. A Case Study on Indonesia, in the Framework of the OECD Project on Managing Migration to Support Economic Growth

    Property Council of Australia (Queensland Division), A Study on Identifying the Social and Economic Impacts of Population Limits (CAPS)

    Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) Victoria - Analysis of Client Database


  • Projects (2007-1995)
    1. Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - Sustainability of Australian Rural Communities Access to Regional Services
    2. ACT Forestry - Integration of ACT Forestry Data into a GIS
    3. Adelaide City Council - The City of Adelaide Governance Review
    4. Adelaide Football Club - Crows Supporters: Who Are They, and Where Do They Come From?
    5. Anglican Schools Commission - Preparation of Population Projections for Adelaide's Western Suburbs
    6. Attorney General's Department (NSW) - Outlet Density Measures for NSW Liquor Outlets
    7. AURISA - Managing a Potential Influenza Pandemic in Australia Using a Spatial Decision Support System
    8. Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering - Echuca's Changing Population
    9. Australian Bankers Association - Accessibility to Financial Institutions; Data Analysis and Mapping
    10. Australian Bankers Association - Background Paper for Parliamentary Enquiry into Provision of Banking Services in Rural and Remote Australia
    11. Australian Bankers Association - Banking in Rural Australia
    12. Australian Bureau of Statistics - Rethinking the ASGC: Some Conceptual and Practical Issues
    13. Australian Electoral Commission - Election Returns at Polling Booth Level
    14. Australian Family Services - Analysis and Mapping of Australian Government Funded Family Services
    15. Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and University of New South Wales - Internal Migration in Australia
    16. Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, representing the Australian Bureau of Statistics - Short term Housing Projections
    17. Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, representing the Australian Bureau of Statistics - Development of a Consistent National Set of Housing and Urban Density Measures
    18. Australian Institute of Criminology - Mapping Crime Levels in Australia
    19. Australian Population, Immigration and Multicultural Research Program - Internal Migration in Australia
    20. Australian Research Council - Internal Migration in Australia & Britain: Levels and Trends in an Age-Period-Cohort Framework
    21. Australian Research Council Discovery Project - Temporary Migration to and From Australia: Changing Patterns, Causes and Implications
    22. Australian Research Council - National Urban Indicators
    23. Australian Research Council - New Information and Communication Technologies and the Elderly: Practice, Problems and Potential
    24. Business SA - An Analysis of the South Australian Population at the 2001 Census
    25. Catholic Education SA (CESA), Demographic Analysis and Population Projections of Primary and Secondary School Populations
    26. Centre for Kidney Research, Westmead, NSW - Mapping ARIA+, SEIFA and DEST SES scores to Screened Towns, ATSIC Regions and Screening Areas
    27. Centre for Telecommunication Information Networking (CTIN) - Heartlands Project Map
    28. Centrelink - ARIA Business Tool, Centrelink Regional Microsimulation Modelling project
    29. Centrelink - Development and Implementation of a Microsimulation Model
    30. City of Burnside - A Population and Demographic Analysis for the City of Burnside, 2001-2021
    31. City of Charles Sturt - Accessibility to Library Services in the City of Charles Sturt
    32. City of Noarlunga - Ward Boundary Analysis
    33. City of Playford - A Population Policy for the City of Playford
    34. City of Playford - Mapping Industry and Technology Centres
    35. Colin Pardoe - Mapping Archaeological Data From the Medindie Lakes Region
    36. Commission for Children and Young People (NSW) - Mapping for Child Death Review Team, and Supply of ARIA+ values
    37. City of Port Adelaide and Enfield - The Changing Port and Peninsula - Impacts on Children and Young People
    38. Commonwealth Bureau of Rural Sciences - Social Catchment Areas
    39. Commonwealth Grants Commission - ARIA: A Public Sector Variation 
    40. Connor Holmes Consulting - Adelaide City Council Capacity study: Census Data Analysis in a GIS Platform
    41. Connor Holmes Consulting - Analysis of Land Use, Zoning and Site Significance for Nine Sites in Adelaide
    42. Connor Holmes Consulting - Demographic and Journey to Work analysis, Barossa and Light Council
    43. Connor Holmes Consulting - Identifying and Mapping Industry Activity in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area
    44. Crippled Children's Association - Metropolitan and Country Region Analysis
    45. Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) - Cultana Ranges Environmental Report
    46. Department of Environment and Heritage (ACT) - Suburbanisation Vs Re-urbanisation
    47. Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology - Digital Access Indicators and Unmet Demand Estimation: A Prototype Study for Yorke Peninsula
    48. Department of Health and Ageing - A Comparison of the ARIA (Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia) and RRMA (Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Areas) Classification Methodologies for Measuring Remoteness in Australia
    49. Department of Health and Ageing - Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA)
    50. Department of Health and Ageing - Accessibility to Female GPs
    51. Department of Health and Ageing - Development and Maintenance of Web-based Tools for Rural Retention Payments
    52. Department of Health and Ageing - Development of a MRI GIS
    53. Department of Health and Ageing - Geographic Measure of Relative Remoteness: The Development of a Geographic Measure Capable of More Refined Differentiation in Urban Areas Than Provided by Current Measures
    54. Department of Health and Ageing - Geospatial Analysis and Advice for Divisions of General Practice Boundary Re-alignment
    55. Department of Health and Ageing - GP Rural Retention (GPARIA)
    56. Department of Health and Ageing - Health Service Provision in Non-Metropolitan Australia
    57. Department of Health and Ageing - Hosting and Support of National Continence Management Strategy Public Toilet Mapping Internet Site and Supply of Public Toilet Data to Other Agencies
    58. Department of Health and Ageing - Incontinence Mapping, as Part of the National Toilet Map Project and Development of the Toilet Map Web Server
    59. Department of Health and Ageing - Influenza Pandemic Model (Meltzer Model)
    60. Department of Health and Ageing - Modelling an Influenza pandemic
    61. Department of Health and Ageing - National Public Toilet Map
    62. Department of Health and Ageing - Pharmacy ARIA Redevelopment, Development of Web Servers and Creation and Maintenance of Locality Concordance Files
    63. Department of Health and Ageing - Pharmacy Remoteness Index (PHARIA)
    64. Department of Health and Ageing - Preparation of SA Regional Health Service Plan 2001 Map
    65. Department of Health and Ageing - Radiation Oncology Project
    66. Department of Health and Ageing - Review of GPARIA Index
    67. Department of Health and Ageing - Rural Retention Payment Scheme
    68. Department of Health and Ageing - Use of GIS in Communicable Disease Control
    69. Department of Health and Ageing - Whooping Cough
    70. Department of Housing and Urban Development (SA) - Developing Small Area Urban Indicators for Policy Research in Australia
    71. Department of Housing and Urban Development (SA) - Electronic Metropolitan Development Program
    72. Department of Housing and Urban Development (SA) - Using Census Data to Investigate and Model Changes to Average Household Size Over Time and Space
    73. Department of Housing and Urban Development (SA) - Using Electricity Meter Removals to Monitor and Model Dwelling Demolitions in Adelaide
    74. Department of Human Services (SA) - Common Clients Project
    75. Department of Human Services (SA) - DHS Decision Support With GIS
    76. Department of Human Services (SA) - Drivers of Contemporary and Future Housing Demand in Adelaide and Outer Adelaide
    77. Department of Human Services (South Australia) - Common Clients Project: Using GIS to Identify Common Metropolitan Clients Within Six Departmental Databases
    78. Department of Human Services (South Australia) - Extension of Prototype GIS for Health Delivery Services
    79. Department of Human Services (South Australia) - Prototype Spatial Information Support System for Northern Metropolitan Community Health Service
    80. Department of Human Services (Victoria) - Mapping Victorian Towns With/Without Fluoridated Water
    81. Department of Human Services (Victoria) - The Development of a Health and Geo-demographic GIS
    82. Department of Industry Science and Resources - Collaboration on Science and Technology, Australia and Indonesia (COSTAI), Integration of Expert Systems, Remote Sensing and GIS for Environmental Sustainability
    83. Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research - The Environmental and Social Sustainability of the Citarum Watershed in West Java
    84. Department of Premier and Cabinet (SA) - Socio-Economic Analysis of Whyalla in Eyre and Western or Northern Region
    85. Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria) and Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services - National Internal Migration Survey
    86. Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria) - Methodology for Internal Migration Survey
    87. Department of Trade and Economic Development (SA) - Family Friendly City Benchmarking Study
    88. Department of Trade and Economic Development (SA) - Interstate Migration Survey
    89. Department of Trade and Economic Development (South Australia) - Strategies for Encouraging Relocation to South Australia
    90. Department of Transport and Regional Services - Service Access in Regional Australia
    91. Department of Transport, Urban Planning and the Arts (SA) - A GIS Based Small Area Urbanization Forecasting Model
    92. ECH Inc (Elderly Citizens Homes) - Geocoding High, Low and Community Care Places and Incorporating This Data into a GIS
    93. ECH Inc (Elderly Citizens Homes) - Mapping 2001 Population Data and 2006-2021 Population Projections
    94. Edith Cowen University - Future Staffing Profile
    95. GISCA - Access and Equity in Education
    96. GISCA - Mapping Australia's Population
    97. GISCA - National Collaborative Project on Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture
    98. GISCA - Small Area Forecasting
    99. GISCA - Spatial Analysis of School Students
    100. GISCA - Spatial Database Integration Project
    101. Global Commission for International Migration - Migrants in Society: Diversity and Integration
    102. Global Commission for International Migration - Regional Study: East Asia, the Pacific and Australia
    103. Health Department (WA) - Indigenous Population Analysis
    104. Health Insurance Commission - Pharmacy Review Report
    105. John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, Mirrabooka, WA - Socioeconomic/Demographic Analysis, and Population Projections Analysis for School Catchments
    106. Land Management Corporation (South Australia) - The Peachey Belt and Playford North Redevelopment Plan; Social and Demographic Analysis and Population Estimates
    107. Land Management Corporation (South Australia) - Port Adelaide Waterfront Development Report
    108. Lutheran Schools Association - Feasibility of Establishing a Lutheran Primary School in the North West Region of Adelaide
    109. Lutheran Schools Association - Blackwood/Highgate Catchment Analysis and Population Projections
    110. Lutheran Schools Association - Loxton Lutheran Riverland Catchment Analysis
    111. Lutheran Schools Association - Schools Catchment Analysis, Vineyard School, Clare, South Australia
    112. Lutheran Schools Association - Victor Harbor Encounter Lutheran School Catchment Analysis
      Marryatville, Fremont/Elizabeth and Craigmore High Schools - Locational Analysis of Student Populations
    113. Marsh Pty Ltd, representing SAICORP (South Australian Insurance Corporation) - Construction of Internet Enabled Asset Management System
    114. Meals on Wheels (SA) Incorporated - Analysis of Existing Kitchen Catchment Areas, and Impact on These Sites of Future Eligible Population Change
    115. Metropolitan Domiciliary Care (South Australia) - Analysis of Key Demographic Data for Client Service Areas
    116. Metropolitan Domiciliary Care (South Australia) - Mapping Domiciliary Care Catchments
    117. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) - Geocoding and Data Aggregation
    118. National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) - Do People's Environments Influence Their Habitual Physical Activity?
    119. Office for the Ageing (SA) - Accessibility to Aged Care Services
    120. Peter Smailes (GISCA) - Identifying the Spatial Pattern of Social Service Provision in Rural Communities
    121. Planning SA - Migration and Fertility Assumptions for Population Projection Purposes
    122. Playford City Council - Mapping Industry Distributions
    123. Public Health and Information Development Unit - Social Health Atlas
    124. Pulteney Grammar School, Anglican Schools Liaison - Feasibility of Establishing Flinders College at Port Augusta
    125. R A MacDonald and Associates - Catchment Analysis of the Evanston Area
    126. R A MacDonald and Associates - Demographic Report for Mt Barker and its Hinterland
    127. R A MacDonald and Associates - GIS Analysis of Hackham and Strathalbyn Catchment Area
    128. Rachel Aylward (GISCA) - Aged Care Facilities Mapping in Adelaide
    129. Rachel Aylward (GISCA) - Aged Care Future Report
    130. Red Cross Society (Victoria) - Geographical Analysis of the Donor Database
    131. Resthaven Inc. - Population Projections of Aged Persons, ASD and OASD
    132. Royal South Australian Bowling Club - Bowling Clubs in Adelaide: Facing the Future
    133. Sedgwick Pty Ltd and South Australian Insurance Corporation - Update Data on Insurance Dissemination
    134. South Australian Business Vision 2010 - South Australia's Contemporary Population: The Results of the 2001 Census of Population and Housing and its Implications
    135. South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet - Bringing Them Back Home
    136. South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet - Population Scenarios for South Australia and Age Structure Modelling
    137. South Australian Housing Trust and Pioneer Projects Australia - Social Impact of Public Housing Redevelopment Upon the Communities Forming "The Parks" in Adelaide
    138. South Australian National Football League (SANFL) - Analysis of 2001 Census for Boundary Adjustments - Boys 10-19 Years
    139. South Australian National Football League (SANFL) - Geocoding Members' Street Addresses and GIS Mapping
    140. South Australian National Football League (SANFL) - Boundary Analysis
    141. Southern Cross Care - Mapping Age Population Distributions and Accessibility to Aged Care
    142. Telstra - Preparation of a Database Containing Road Distances from Regional Exchanges to Other Exchanges
    143. University of Waikato - Strangers in Town
    144. Urban Pacific - Mapping "The Parks"
    145. Westfarmers - Accessibility of Rural Population to Nearest Bank
    146. Women's Health Australia - Women's Longitudinal Health Study
    147. Yankalilla Area Commerce and Community Association (YACCA) - Yankalilla Report: Survey Preparation, Delivery, Coding and Analysis



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