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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is an increasingly popular communication channel that uses email to deliver tailored content to target audiences at a relatively low cost.

EDM enables a high level of instant measurement; authors are able to track number of opens, email responses, bounced messages and click-throughs. This information is particularly useful in refining target markets and optimising future content.

EDM Branded Template

Example of EDM template for use with Campaign Monitor

A number of EDM providers exist, each offering varying features and functionality at varying cost. The University currently favours the Campaign Monitor platform as it offers a well-designed interface and various testing and optimisation tools at a reasonable cost.

As an important and heavily used communication channel it's important all EDM reflects the University brand consistently and in line with these Brand Standards.

Marketing and Communications support the use of Campaign Monitor by providing an Electronic Direct Mail guideline and Campaign Monitor branded template which can be used in creating localised EDM templates.

For any Campaign Monitor queries, please refer to our Marketing Team contacts.
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