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Centre for Energy Technology
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia    
Phone: +61 8313 2559

Partnerships and Sponsors

Wind Energy Research Proposal Offered

Companies and organisations involved in the wind energy industry are invited to support a proposed IMER three-year research project.

Wind turbines organised in wind farms have been deployed globally in significant and increasing quantities as a cost-effective way of generating electricity from renewable energy sources. Wind energy is likely to be the major contributor in meeting the Australian Government's renewable energy target of 20% of total energy generation by 2020.

The University of Adelaide, through IMER, is seeking support for a research project designed to assist both the wind energy industry and communities near to wind farms. IMER's project will investigate the inter-relationship between noise characteristics of wind farms, community engagement models and human health assessments in a unique multi-disciplinary approach.

The objective of the project is to provide quantitative information about the link between noise and its perception and impact on humans in an Australian context, offering best practice guidelines to community engagement.

The research team, led by Project Leader Anthony Zander, and other investigators, is currently revising a draft Expression of Interest, based on feedback received from stakeholders.

This will form the development of a bid for funding from the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) Emerging Renewables Program.
For further information, contact IMER Manager Jordan Parham or Anthony Zander.

 Industry Partnership:

Company Launched to Commercialise Research on Green Fuels from Algae

An Australian company has been established to produce commercial qualities of clean ‘green' fuels from algae following insights from CET researchers

Muradel Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd, the commercial development company of the University of Adelaide, Murdoch University, and commercial partner SQC Pty Ltd.

The University of Adelaide's Dr David Lewis from the School of Chemical Engineering and Murdoch University's Professor Michael Borowitzka are world leaders in the development of biofuels from micro-algae. Their work has already led to the establishment of a $A3.3 million algae pilot plant in
Western Australia.

The new company brings to commercial reality a large-scale business that leverages the natural advantage of the Australian environment, producing algae for renewable fuel and co-products from
the biomass. The research has proven it is possible to grow large quantities of algae for commercial biofuel purposes. The University of Adelaide team is contributing engineering expertise in algal processing.


Research Profiles

Professor Graham Nathan

Some pathways toward a more sustainable energy future

New Research Papers

Gus Nathan, D Battye and Peter Ashman published a paper on techno-economic assessment.