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Centre for Energy Technology
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia    
Phone: +61 8313 2559

Research Highlights


Data-centres Offer a Potential Role for Geothermal Energy Investment
CET researchers are the first to report a comprehensive analysis of the potential for data-centres to offer a low cost pathway to market for geothermal resources situated away from close access to electricity transmission lines. The work also has implications for captive industrial or residential districts.
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Study Gives Greater Understanding on Organic Photovoltaic Device Characteristics

New information about organic photovoltaic devices sheds light on how thermal treatment impacts performance.

The study of organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials and devices is a rapidly-growing scientific field that is gaining greater technological relevance.

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Diagnostic Advances Provide New Capacity of Measuring Strongly Radiating, Turbulent Reacting Flows

Recent advances in diagnostic methods are providing new capacity for detailed measurement of turbulent reacting flows that are strongly radiating. Radiation becomes increasingly significant in flames containing soot and/or fine particles and increases with physical size.

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Radiation, Soot and temperature Analysis Offers Breakthroughs in Understanding

IMER researchers' breakthrough measurements have advanced scientists' ability to assess the interdependence of temperature and soot in flames. This will contribute to the development of more reliable models of a wide range of processes involving complex reacting flows where both particles and radiation are important.The team from the Centre for Energy Technology, the University of Adelaide, measured the first simultaneous single-shot imaging of temperature and soot volume fraction with Nonlinear Regime Two-Line Atomic Fluorescence (NTLAF) and Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII).

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Research Profiles

Professor Graham Nathan

Some pathways toward a more sustainable energy future

New Research Papers

Gus Nathan, D Battye and Peter Ashman published a paper on techno-economic assessment.