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We're here to help

Whatever you’re considering studying at university this year, we’re here to make things easier.

Now that first round offers have been released, you may have questions about what to do, or need more information about your options. You might also find that you want, or need to make changes to your preferences.

Our experienced staff are here to help you.

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We're to help you with any questions you have regarding your University offer.

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The University of Adelaide we would like to congratulate you on receiving an offer.

If you have received an offer to a lower preference you will need to respond to it online via SATAC. The deadline for responding to your offer is Monday 30 January 2017.

If you have not received an offer in the first offer round SATAC will notify you by email. The University of Adelaide has many courses that will continue to make offers after the first offer round, so you may still receive an offer in a later round depending on your circumstances and the preferences you have listed.

We look forward to meeting you on campus for the Orientation and O’Week celebrations. To get the best possible start, make yourself familiar with the latest information and plan your start with us by visiting the Orientation and O’Week page.

Considering your Options

Considering your options - The University of Adelaide is here to help you!

If your offer is to a lower preference you will need to respond to it online via SATAC. The deadline for responding to your offer is Monday 30 January.

If you wish to defer or make changes to your preferences, the offer letter will explain what you need to do.     

If you have not received an offer in the first offer round SATAC will notify you by email. The University of Adelaide has many courses that will be continuing to make offers after the main offer round, so you may still receive an offer in a later round depending on your circumstances and the preferences you have listed.

If you receive an offer to a lower preference, or if you don’t receive an offer at all, you will be able to check the status of your application and individual preferences using the offer status service online.

Please click here to read the SATAC fact sheet on how to change preferences in your SATAC application.

Places still available

If you are still considering what to study at university, it is not too late to change your mind.

There are still places available in many of our programs and you can apply now or change your preferences to start in Semester 1, 2017.

If you don’t have the required ATAR, sometimes there is more than one way to get into your dream degree. Check out the PDF below as well as the alternative pathways section.

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Alternative Pathways

There are a number of different pathways into the University depending on your personal circumstances. You can browse through the information below, or you may wish to contact us and speak to someone who can provide you with advice tailored to your situation.

International Student Pathways
Entry Pathways

Why choose the University of Adelaide

The advantage of studying at the University of Adelaide— ranked in the top 1% globally and South Australia’s leading university – is that you’re learning from some of the world’s best minds.

You’ll gain deep discipline knowledge and develop skills that employers desire, such as leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as communication, resilience and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Through a mixture of classroom, online and small-group learning environments you’ll not only learn from the brightest minds, but how these minds think.

As a graduate from the University of Adelaide, you will build a skill set for a successful lifelong career.

Campus life

Our campus is welcoming and dynamic and is designed to support a wide range of experiences for all students, ranging from exciting social and cultural events to a quiet study and reflection. University isn’t just about study, it is about giving you the opportunity to socialise, join clubs and associations and stay active. With more than 100 clubs to choose from, there is a crowd for everyone.

Graduate profiles

Sarah Clark

Bachelor of Science (Molecular and Drug Design) with Honours in Chemistry
(Corporate Finance & Marketing)
Smart Skills Inspirator, Questacon Smart Skills Initiative

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Key dates

3 January 2017: deadline to change your order of preferences.
17 January 2017: main university offer round
31 January 2017: 2nd round of university offers
2 February 2017: 3rd round of university offers
7 February 2017: 4th round of university offers
February – March 2017: offers will continue to be made during these months where places are still available in courses.


  • If I received an offer, do I have to accept it?

    If you have been made an offer to your first preference, SATAC will have automatically accepted your offer on your behalf. If you wish to defer or reject your offer, you can do so online on the SATAC website. If you have not been offered your first preference and received an offer to your second or lower preference, you also have the option to accept, defer or reject your offer but also wish to be considered for your higher preferences, you can also do this online via the SATAC website. If you are happy with your offer, make sure you follow the enrolment instructions detailed within your offer letter to ensure that your place doesn’t expire.

  • Can I still apply to the University of Adelaide?

    Yes, there is still time to apply for Semester 1 of 2017 for all of the programs listed above. Once you have found the program that you are interested in, call Ask Adelaide on +61 8 8313 7335 and speak to one of our friendly experts for advice on how to apply or to discuss your pathway options.

  • Can I still change my preferences?

    Yes, you can still change your preferences for Semester 1 entry. Visit the SATAC website on how to change your preferences

    You can change your preference list on the SATAC website. Ask Adelaide staff are here to help you choose your preferences; you can call them on +61 8 8313 7335.

    If you have already received an offer, it's not too late for you to change your preferences. In this case, log into the SATAC website and change your preferences so that the degree you have an offer for is the lowest on your preference list. You can then respond by selecting that you Accept or Defer your offer but wish to be considered for higher preferences.

  • Why is the ATAR on the PDF different to the cut off in the paper?

    The ATAR cut off published in the paper is the ATAR of the last person to be made an offer in the January round. Sometimes there are more places than applicants for a program, so the minimum ATAR required for admission, may actually be lower.

    The ATARs listed on this website are the minimum scores required for admission. Note that some programs do have additional entry requirements such as prerequisite subjects, oral assessment and auditions.  Applicants must meet these additional requirements as well as the minimum ATAR.

  • What bonus points am I eligible for?

    See Bonus Points Scheme on SATAC website

  • What is guaranteed entry?

    Under the Adelaide Approved Scheme, students who list a degree as their first preference and meet the Adelaide Approved Score, plus prerequisites (if applicable), are guaranteed entry to that degree. Please note: not all degrees have an Adelaide Approved Score. Please go to Degree Finder

  • I really don’t know what degree is best for the career I want to head into? Who can I speak to?

    Our job at the University of Adelaide is provide you with advice so you can achieve your desired career outcome for the future. You can give us a call on (08) 8313 5208 or email

  • Can I change my course preferences after the main round offer on the 17 January?

    Yes all applicants can change their preferences between each offer round.

  • Can I get more than one offer?

    If you have submitted an application to SATAC—and SATAC only—you will receive one offer, from one university.

    If you have applied through additional TAC portals—such as VTAC, as well as SATAC— you can receive one offer from each TAC.

  • What if I don’t get an offer?

    Upon receiving your ATAR, ensure that the preferences you have placed in your SATAC application are realistic and meet the minimum entry criteria, so as to increase your chances of being made an offer.

    If you do not meet the minimum entry criteria (ATAR) for your preferred degree(s), consider changing your preferences to better reflect a positive outcome, with a possibly lower ATAR.

    To further understand your options, contact the University of Adelaide to discuss alternative pathways to university, such as the STAT, TAFE or the University Preparatory Program. We would also strongly encourage you to attend the Preference Advice Event.

  • What if I don’t get an offer that I want? Should I rearrange my preferences?

    There are two options: 1.Respond to your offer by logging in to your SATAC application and selecting ‘accept but be considered for a higher preference’. This will indicate, within subsequent offer rounds, you are still interested in a place in the program(s) listed higher than the one in which you were offered. You will be automatically reconsidered for all your preferences in the next round. 2.Rearrange your preferences by adding, deleting or changing the order of your degree preferences in the next offer round.

  • Will accepting my offer mean I cannot change my preferences for future rounds?

    No, you can change your preferences as many times as you like, whether or not you have already received an offer and enrolled or not.

    If you have enrolled in a course at a university, you will need to contact the institution to withdraw.

  • Can I defer my offer?

    All our degrees (with the exception of the Bachelor of Music) allow you to defer. Deferral is done when you respond to your offer and the SATAC website has details of how to do this. The maximum time to defer is initially one year and after that you can request (through SATAC again) to defer for one more year. After that you will go back into the competitive application process.

  • If I don’t like the degree I have chosen can I do an internal transfer?

    Provided that you meet the minimum entry criteria (ATAR, prerequisites, GPA, etc) for the degree in which you are looking to transfer into, you can apply via the internal transfer process for a substantial number of degrees offered by the University of Adelaide, with a few exceptions. If you are considering transferring degrees, please seek advice with the University to discuss your options.

  • Can I start in the midyear intake (semester 2)?

    A range of degrees offered by the University offer both beginning and mid-year intake, with the exception of a few degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health, Nursing, Veterinary Bioscience, Teaching, amongst others. When considering mid-year entry, please check Degree Finder for entry specifics.

  • Should I be applying for scholarships?

    Yes. The University of Adelaide offers an exceptionally broad range of scholarships, suitable for a number of students. We would advise that any student considering the University of Adelaide— apply for as many scholarships as they believe they are eligible for.

    Note: Please check each individual scholarships for eligibility criteria.