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The China Program is the focus for the Centre for International Economic Studies' research programs on the Chinese economy. Initially called the Chinese Economy Research Unit, then the Chinese Economies Research Centre (CERC), the program  was co-founded by Christopher Findlay and Andrew Watson, who together with numerous Chinese affiliates built its strong reputation globally during the 1990s.

CERC merged with Adelaide University's Centre for International Economic Studies (CIES) on July 1 2000 and continues its function as a major program of research and teaching within CIES.

The Program Co-ordinator is Professor Kym Anderson.


The China research program has included a variety of topics associated with the process of economic reform. It has however
tended to concentrate on developments in rural China, especially the impact of reforms in agriculture and industry.

 Projects have included:

  •    the development of agricultural marketing systems
  •    the process of the growth of rural enterprises
  •    steel industry prospects and trade implications
  •    textile industry growth and its raw material demands
  •    disparaties in regional development in China
  •    the estimation of Chinas GDP
  •    the forces for and extent of urbanisation
  •    the reform of the grain marketing system
  •    the extent and origins of poverty in China

Program Publications

Pre-1998 Working Papers

ACIAR Collaborative Research Project: Chinese Grain Market Policy with Special Emphasis on the Domestic Grain Trade