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Centres and Programs

The Environment Institute delivers globally competitive solutions to environmental problems. Our work spans and transcends traditional science.

Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre The Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre combines our knowledge of arid zone plant biology and ecology, with experience in screening, purifying and synthesis of bioactive compounds to develop novel compounds in medicine and agriculture. Learn more


Australian Centre for Ancient DNAThe Australian Centre for Ancient DNA is a world leader in the study of evolution and environmental change across time through the use of preserved genetic records from human, animal, plant and sedimentary remains. Learn more


Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity The Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity investigates the systematics of Australia's flora and fauna using the latest genetic techniques. Learn more


Conservation Science and Technology

Conservation Science and Technology is unique in combining existing University of Adelaide research strengths in biodiversity and biosecurity monitoring, conservation technologies, and research on illegal trade in biological products. Learn more


Global Ecology LaboratoryThe Global Ecology Laboratory undertakes multidisciplinary research to mitigate carbon emissions and develop adaptive strategies to respond to the anticipated impacts of climate change. Learn more


Landscape Futures ProgramThe Landscape Futures Program investigates how we can sustainably create vibrant and viable landscapes into the future through sound environmental management and monitoring. Learn more


Marine Biology ProgramThe marine biology program investigates the role of aquatic flora and fauna in the connectivity and ecology of rivers, estuaries, gulfs and open coasts. Learn more


Sprigg Geobiology CentreThe Sprigg Geobiology Centre pool expertise within geobiology, to understand how organisms both alter and evolve in response to the environment and how they control geologic processes. Learn more


Water Research CentreThe Water Research Centre brings together scientists, engineers and economists to address water management issues of national and international significance. Learn more

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