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Bioinformatics draws together data processing, analysis and modelling supporting an improved understanding of the dynamics of species and ecosystems and how they change over time in response to climate change, fragmentation and invasive species.

Part of the research involves establishing large scale remote monitoring programs in terrestrial and marine environments. These track the trajectory of biodiversity and ecosystems over time, and include the development of novel monitoring techniques, such as DNA barcoding, environmental genomics, image capture and analysis and remote data feedback.

Keeping abreast of developments, processing platforms and bioinformatics revolutionising the field of biodiversity genomics is a challenge in itself. New servers and software support, and new generations sequencing technologies are enabling the Environment Institute to combine genetic and adaptation understanding into biodiversity, evolutionary and ecosystem analysis. Novel technical skills in environmental forensics and assessment that draw on genetic riches using DNA barcoding and evolutionary distribution data are also being developed.


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