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The scientific evidence indicates that the planet has become warmer over the past century and that much of the observed warming is due to increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide.

The Environment Institute is using a range of multidisciplinary research to understand change, mitigate carbon emissions and develop responses to the anticipated impacts of climate change on ecology, food productivity and the environmental services that underpin our economy.

Despite efforts to reduce emissions, climate change - almost certainly resulting from human activity - in South Australia means increased temperatures and likely drier conditions. This generates pressures on both natural and agricultural systems across southern Australia and the world. So it's important to build knowledge about the climate dependency of native and introduced species and how they are likely to respond to variations in climate. That way we can identify the most vulnerable systems and regions.

As Australia acts on carbon emissions, scientific capabilities (focusing on climate change, biodiversity, genetics and landscape transformation) have advanced significantly. The Environment Institute projects using these extended capabilities include a number of research themes drawing together biodiversity, biosecurity (preventing and combatting pest and disease threats), geobiology (the interconnectedness of organisms and earth systems), carbon sequestration and energy solutions.

We particularly look at whole systems and how multiple impacts and stressors may interact with climate change - see Climate & Biodiversity.

Through all of these channels, the Environment Institute is addressing cost, climate change resilience and future biodiversity outcomes over expansive landscapes.

Listen to Global Ecology Lab co-Directors, Professor Barry Brook & Professor Corey Bradshaw, talk about some of the climate research at the Institute:

Visit the Global Ecology Lab website.

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