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Energy Analysis

New clean energy technologies are required to address climate change and to mitigate the expected increase in energy costs due to economic pressures.

Systems modelling technique can explore how low-carbon energy alternatives could support communities.

A series of energy analysis scenarios are currently being modelled, starting with exploring explicit scenarios for 50% renewable supply in the electricity sector. The process is drawing on open-science techniques so that participants can examine inputs for both Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) sources and wind, and refine the scenario.

Further details can be found in the Australian Energy Analysis (external link).

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A second area of research addressing these problems is developing technologies that burn fossil fuels in cleaner and more efficient ways, as well as technologies that enable integration of existing combustion systems with new systems to enable smoother transition into an environmentally sustainable society.

Listen to Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the Centre for Energy Technology, talk about developing hybrid models for energy:

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