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Climate Futures Seminar Series 8

People, culture and religion

Wednesday 6 May at 5-7pm, Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre,
The University of Adelaide
Convened by Dr Paul Babie

Dr Paul Babie
Law School Senior Lecturer
The University of Adelaide

Paul considered the link between choice protected by private property and the negative human consequences of climate change for others.  The session concluded with what religion, especially the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions, might tell us about the ways in which choice ought to be exercised.

Dr Jason John
Zoology Graduate
The University of Adelaide

Jason posed the questions: Why are we here? Who are we? What should we be doing? Long before climate change, the first two chapters of Genesis presented two different sets of answers to these questions. Since this series frequently addresses the "what" of climate change, Jason's input will reflect more on the "why" and "who?"

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