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How do we create transformational outcomes in our society based on cutting edge research and evidence?

A significant and growing scientific consensus sees that our society, both in Australia and globally is increasingly threatened by the impact of human activity on our environment. Climate change, biodiversity and species losses are only a few examples. These are associated with the loss of the services our environment provides. This includes helping to produce clean water, pollinate and produce our food crop, regulate diseases and climate, support processes essential for life as well as cultural use and human enjoyment.

While these threats are significant we can successfully address them. For example, on a global scale we probably will not see a sudden uniform biodiversity collapse. Severe regional impacts and human induced climate change however, demand swift action - our ability to avoid dangerous changes is by no means certain.

Consequently, the challenge is to use our knowledge to help protect these values. Examples of the Environment Institute's work that aim to do this include:

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