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  • Conservation from above - aerial image of dry landscape and truck
  • See the world in a different light - thermal aerial image of burrows created by small animals called bettongs
  • Access the technology - a remotely piloted aircraft, otherwise known as a drone
  • Discover the possibilities - aerial image of dry landscape

Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility

Adelaide Drone Hub

The University of Adelaide's Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF) provides the organisational infrastructure, as well as the technical and legislative knowledge base concerning the use of unmanned aircraft, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), for a wide range of environmental and agricultural applications.

It also serves as a coalescing node for fostering partnerships and interactions related to RPAS applications between students, researchers, natural resource managers and industry partners in South Australia.

URAF holds the University's RPAS Operator's Certificate (ReOC) for compliant RPAS operations. We are the first and only university in Australia to be a civil aviation-certified RPAS training facility.

To be updated on our latest activities, please subscribe to our Facebook page. For more information about the Facility, please contact Professor Lian Pin Koh (

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Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility

Room 309
Level 3 Oliphant Building
North Terrace Campus


T: +61 8 831 32795