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Animal User's Handbook

The University of Adelaide adheres to the Animal Welfare Act (1985), the Australian code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, and other relevant animal welfare Codes of Practice.

The Animal User's Handbook has been developed to assist scientific investigators and teachers to achieve the goals of the Australian Code, and to promote the humane and ethical use of animals for scientific purposes.

The Animal User's Handbook provides essential information for all who are involved in University research and teaching involving animals.

The University expects new applicants in particular to consult the Animal User's Handbook prior to submitting proposals for ethical clearance.


Record Keeping Requirements

Extract from the Animal Ethics Committee Animal User's Handbook: Section 6.5


Scavenging/collection of materials from dead animals or from animals killed for other purposes, for use in research or teaching

Acquiring organs, tissues or materials from animals for use in scientific research or teaching by scavenging