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Laboratory & Chemical Supplies

Catalogue Pricing

The following Suppliers offer discounted pricing to the University for products with a known purchase history.

Product lines cover a broad range of laboratory consumables, specialist chemicals, desktop lab equipment, instrumentation, kits and reagents.

Laboratory & Chemical supplies can be purchased from the following vendors via eProcurement:

Supplier Contact Email

Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd  (VWR International Pty Ltd)

Courtney Male, Account Manager – SA
Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd Jim Tertipis, Senior Account Manager

Life Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (A ThermoFisher company)

Julian Adams, Reagents and Life Sciences Sales – SA
Sigma Aldrich Pty Ltd Karen Wisniewski, Major Account Manager - Research
Qiagen Pty Ltd Sam Dyer, Territory Manager, Life Science & Applied Testing
Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd William Grant, Senior Territory Manager - SA /NT
Chem-Supply Pty Ltd Mick Pepler, Territory Manager SA /WA
Geneworks Pty Ltd Tetyana Shandala, Product Manager, SA Territory Manager

Special Orders / Bulk Quantities

Strategic Procurement will undertake further negotiation with our preferred suppliers when the following circumstances apply:

  • The University is buying an unusually high quantity of a product compared to its normal purchasing quantities;
  • The University requires new products which it hasn’t previously purchased;
  • The University is placing bulk orders for a whole of lab set-up;
  • The University needs to source a speciality product as a one off, which has a high purchase value.

Strategic Procurement strongly encourages the utilisation of these pricing catalogues via eProcurement to receive the most competitive prices and enables Strategic Procurement to leverage and manage its spend, plan for future negotiations and extensions.

Please contact Tom Cummings, Category Manager Research & Major Equipment if you have any questions or require assistance with the above suppliers and products.

Tom Cummings
Phone: (08) 8313 9183


We invite you to provide feedback on the service and quality of goods received from these suppliers.  All submissions are treated with confidence. Your feedback will help us monitor and improve the service provided to you.


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