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Hire Cars

Travellers should consider hiring a car when driving is more cost-effective than airline or taxis, travelling with other colleagues and/or clients, or transporting large or bulky material.

Booking Hire Cars

Note the following when booking a hire car:

  • Rental cars for domestic & international travel should be booked through the Online Travel Booking System (Serko) or directly with Campus Travel when bundled with other travel arrangements such as flights and/or accommodation.  Campus Travel have access to the University's discounted rates with Avis.
  • For "car only" bookings, staff are advised to book directly with Avis.
  • Standard size (sedan or smaller) cars should be utilised when hiring a car unless a larger vehicle is required for a valid reason.
  • Where vehicle requirements fall outside of the standard vehicle hire (e.g. off-roading vehicles) which cannot be sourced by Avis or Campus Travel, may be booked directly with a reputable supplier.
  • Cardholders require an Avis AWD (Avis Worldwide Discount) number to access the University's corporate rates which can be obtained from Corporate Credit Card & Travel Services on ext 33330.
  • Additional insurance may not be required as the University has it's own insurance policy for vehicle hire. Contact Legal & Risk to confirm insurance cover.

For Non Cardholders

To access the University's corporate rates, Travel Arrangers making bookings for non cardholders will require a Wizard number (which is usually applied for at the time of credit card application).


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