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Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre

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Indo-Pacific Governance
Research Centre

The Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre

Welcome to the web site for the IPGRC.

The IPGRC agenda encompasses issues of social and political governance – which are often transnational in scope and origin – pertaining to  key problems and issues confronting states, civil society, and citizens in the Indo-Pacific region. These include questions of institutional reform and development, inequalities, human rights, financial and economic governance, environmental and human security. In adopting this approach we hope to generate a better understanding of more effective strategies for improving governance, which hopefully in the long run will enhance public policy making in key areas such as climate change, poverty reduction, gender equality, social policy and human security.

A key aspect of the research agenda of the IPGRC is the identification and analysis of the impact of the emerging Indo-Pacific Powers for the institutions and processes of global and regional governance as well as their implications for Australian politics, institutions and public policy.

The centre's strategic objectives are to

  • produce high quality academic research publications
  • to consolidate and develop a research concerntration and cluster on governance within the University of Adelaide 
  • to foster collaborative research partnerships with national and international research institutions
  • to train and develop high quality graduate students including from the Indo Pacific region
  • and to constructively contribute to public policy debate and understanding of issues and process of governance in the Indo-Pacific.



Region spanning the western Pacific Ocean to the western Indian Ocean along the eastern coast of Africa

Latest News

New Publication
New book published, The Social Sciences in the Asian Century, edited by IPGRC Fellow Carol Johnson, with Vera Mackie and Tessa Morris-Suzuki

News Feature
IPGRC Fellow Carol Johnson publishes article, "Can Malcolm Turnbull be a Liberal leader for the 21st century?", in The Conversation, 15 September 2015

New Publication
IPGRC Associate Margi Prideaux publishes article "Wildlife NGOs: From Adversaries to Collaborators" in Global Policy

New IPGRC Policy Brief
IPGRC Chair of Management Comittee Kanishka Jayasuriya publishes "Collaborative research infrastructure as a Regional Public Good "
IPGRC Policy Brief, Issue 2, Sept. 2015

News Feature
IPGRC Fellow Gregory McCarthy appointed as the BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University.

New IPGRC Policy Brief
IPGRC associate Margi Prideaux publishes "Considering Collaborative Governance" IPGRC Policy Brief, Issue 1, August 2015

New Publication
"Law, Support Structures, and the Realisation of Human Rights in Asia", special edition of Asian Studies Review, editied by IPGRC Co-Director Andrew Rosser

News Feature
IPGRC Co-Director Andrew Rosser makes guest apearance in an episode of Between the Lines, a Channel News Asia current affairs show, "Tobacco and Indonesia"

New Publication
IPGRC Fellow Carol Johnson publishes article, "Voters' feelings of uncertainty have come back to bite Abbott", in The Conversation, 3 February 2015

IPGRC Seminar
"Unpacking the Chinese State: State Transformation and the Subnational State"
1:10pm - 2:00pm | Friday 27 March 2015 | Details on News page

IPGRC Workshop
"Competing Conceptions of Democracy"
2-4pm | Thursday 26 March 2015 | Details on News page

IPGRC Seminar
"Soft Diplomacy"
1:10 - 3:00pm | Friday 6 March 2015 | Details on News page

Videos Uploaded
Semiar, July 24th, 2014
"Compulsory Voting"
IPGRC & Public Law & Policy Research Unit

Videos Uploaded
Roundtable, May 7th, 2014
"India Decides 2014"
IPGRC & Centre for Asian Studies present

E-Note Videos Uploaded
E-Notes 4, 5 and 6 are now live on the website. View the exclusive IPGRC E-Note with internatinally recognised champion of democracy, Anwar Ibrahim, leader of the Opposition in Malaysia. IPGRC and CIPOD sign MOU
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Jawaharala Nehru University and The University of Adelaide. Details on News page