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Nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NSE) is a fundamental equation in nonlinear optics that describes the propagation of a pulse through a dispersive and nonlinear medium. Nonlinear Pulse Propagation Solver (NPP) is a program, written in C/C++, that solves NSE in an arbitrary waveguide. It has a user friendly interface, which allows a user to enter the pulse and waveguide parameters and execute simulations. The program can be invoked within MATLAB and any other scripting language. It can export the results in different formats including ASCII text “.txt” and MATLAB “.mat” format.

The program can also utilize the power of GPU via CUDA. For example using a graphic card “NVidia GTX TITAN”, a speed increase of a factor of 100 times can be achieved. This makes NPP a powerful tool especially for simulating nonlinear processes in long waveguides. Features:

  • Simulates all nonlinear processes including delayed Raman
  • Includes noise initiation
  • Full dispersion effect
  • Option to run on CPU or GPU
  • Friendly interface

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