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Sara Leggatt - Email
Telephone: +61 8 8313 1059
Facsimile:   +61 8 8313 4380

The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia
Telephone: +61 8 8313 5996
Facsimile:   +61 8 8313 4380

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Latest News
  • Linewidth of collimated wavelength-converted emission in Rb vapour
    We perform detail measurements on blue laser light generated via mixing two infra-red lasers within an atomic vapour. This has applications in quantum information science and low atom number detection. Authors: Akulshin, A, Perrella, C, Truong, G-W, Lu...
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:06:45 +0930

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IPAS Vision

IPAS Vision

To move beyond multi-disciplinarity to create integrated scientific knowledge and theory which is transdisciplinary and which will answer ‘big, real-world questions’ at the boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology.

To create disruptive new technologies for applications in Defence and National Security, Environmental Monitoring, Preventative Health and Food and Wine.