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The Barr Smith Library

The Barr Smith Library is the main library of the University of Adelaide, located in the centre of the North Terrace campus.

The Barr Smith Library owes its name to the Barr Smith family, a pioneer family in South Australia and benefactors to the University of Adelaide over many decades. In 1899 the University Council resolved that its library should bear the name "The Barr Smith Library".

  • Floor Plans of the BSL

    Click on the level or thumbnail to view the Barr Smith Library floor plans.

    Level 3 (Main Entrance):

    • Service Enquiries desk
    • Research Help desk
    • Self-check machine
    • Reserve Collection
    • New books, current journals, latest newspapers
    • Quiet discussion area
    • Public access PCs & printer

    Level 2:

    • Main Collection; call number range: 600-999
    • Oversize Collection
    • Barr Smith Reading Room
    • Student computers & printers
    • Self-check machine
    • Quiet study spaces
    • Multifunction devices (photocopying/scanning)
    • Research librarians
    • Digital Resources Management Centre
    • Adelaide Research & Scholarship

    Level 1:

    • Main Collection; call number range: 001-599
    • Special Collections
    • Quiet study spaces
    • Student computers & printers
    • Self-check machine
    • Multifunction devices (photocopying/scanning)


  • Ira Raymond Exhibition Room

    The Ira Raymond Exhibition Room is located in the Barr Smith Library at the University of Adelaide on North Terrace. It is named after Ira Raymond, University Librarian from 1964 to 1982. This facility is maintained by the library for seminars, exhibitions, cultural events and meetings. Subject to approval, the library makes the room available to approved University groups and community organisations.

    The Facility

    The Ira Raymond Exhibition Room provides an air-conditioned open space with a capacity of 80 to 100 people. The public entrance to the room is directly opposite the western bridge entrance to the library and Hub Central. A small kitchen adjacent to the exhibition room incorporates a sink and small refrigerator.

    Booking Details

    The University Librarian reserves the right to approve or deny the use of the room for any proposed function.

    At the time of making bookings, organisations should specify:

    • The nature of the event
    • The name of the organising body
    • The anticipated attendance
    • Details of any admission charges or commercial activity associated with the function
    • Details of furniture and equipment required
    • Details of equipment and furniture to be brought for the occasion
    • Details of refreshments to be provided
    • Other information relevant to the booking

    Charges for use of the room may be payable by organisations not directly affiliated with the University (as determined by the University Librarian), at the rate of $220 per day or part day. Charges for the use of library equipment will be determined in discussion with the organisation.

    In general it is expected that organisations which book the room will undertake the setup of the room themselves. Where the library assists or undertakes setup, a minimum setup charge of $22 is made. Library staff effort exceeding the first half an hour is charged at $55 per hour.

    Booking enquiries should be directed to:
    The University Librarian’s Office
    Phone (08) 8313 4064

  • History

    Learn more about the history of The Barr Smith Library.

  • Emergency Procedures

    In an emergency situation:

    Dos and Don'ts
    Listen to any messages on the public address system
    Obey wardens or emergency Services personnel
    Assist users with disabilities
    Evacuate the Library, entry bridge, Hub Central, and surrounding stairs
    DO NOT
    Remove books from the Library
    Use the lifts
    Go back into the Library until an announcement is made that it is safe to do so

    Know your wardens

    Title Helmet
    Chief Warden White hard hat
    Warden Red hard hat
    Library First Aiders
    Barr Smith Library
    John Davies Location: Access Services, Level 3
    Telephone: 8313 6489
    Jarrod Taylor Location: Access Services, Level 1
    Telephone: 8313 5126
    Elder Music Library
    Joanne Corbett Telephone: 8313 3683
    Law Library
    Garry Downs Telephone: 8313 5025
    Roseworthy Campus Library
    Fiona Bzowy Telephone: 8313 7944
    Waite Library
    Robyn Nagel Telephone: 8313 6572


    Public Address System
    Alert tone When you hear the alert tone (a series of long beeps), please collect your belongings, prepare to evacuate, and wait for further instructions.
    Evacuation tone The evacuation tone follows the alert tone. A recorded message will follow announcing that the evacuation should proceed under the direction of the wardens. The evacuation tone will then resume sounding. Leave the Library by the nearest exit, as directed by the wardens.

    After Hours

    The system will immediately go into evacuation mode. Leave the building by the nearest exit, as directed by the wardens.

    Users with Disabilities

    Users whose disability may make it difficult to use the emergency exits should notify staff at the Service Enquiries desk of their presence in the building, and of their likely movements within the library. This will aid in speedy evacuation in an emergency, and is especially important in the evening and at weekends when fewer people are in the library.

    Reporting an Emergency

    If you see or hear a potential hazard please report the nature and location of the problem immediately to the Service Enquiries desk on Level 3.



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