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Corporate Law


Australian Securities and Investments Commission
This is the website of the federal regulatory body responsible for administering the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

The Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation:
Maintained by the University of Melbourne, this site is devoted to the promotion and facilitation of research on corporate law and securities regulation. Contains links to other sites of interest including those concerned with: Government and Regulatory Bodies, Corporate Governance and Professional and Interest Bodies

Corporate Law Bulletin
An archive of the monthly Corporate Law Email Bulletin which reports on recent corporate law developments, including recent judgments. Also contains a search engine to facilitate searching

Corporate Law Judgments
A website designed to provide a resource for judges and the legal community. This is a searchable database

Corporations Law
A component of the Weblaw project this is a comprehensive website containing a diverse collection of annotated links to sites dealing with different aspects of Corporations Law

Understanding Company Law (Lipton & Herzberg)
Designed to complement the text, this website provides navigational pathways to access by topic, legislation, caselaw, explanatory memoranda, articles, law reform reports, speeches, ASIC and Treasury websites.


Australian business law review
Australian insolvency journal
Company lawyer
Company and securities law journal
Competition and consumer law journal
Insolvency intelligence
Insolvency law journal
International business lawyer
Journal of business law
Journal of law and financial management
Securities regulation law journal
Tolley's insolvency law and practice

Law Reports

Australian company law cases
Australian corporations and securities reports
Butterworths company law cases

Looseleaf Services

Australian corporation law: principles and practice
Australian corporation practice
Australian corporations and securities law reporter
Australian corporations court rules
Australian insolvency management practice
Blumberg. The law of corporate groups (current to the year 2000 only)
Company law in Europe
O'Donovan. Company receivers and administrators, 2nd ed.

Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

Halsbury's laws of Australia, v.7 Corporations; v.28 Voluntary Associations
Laws of Australia, v.3 Bankruptcy; v.4 Business Organisations



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