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Taxation Law


ATO New Legislation
A site maintained by the ATO providing access to draft bills, factsheets and guides and explanatory memorandum pertaining to tax reform

Australian Taxation Office - Legal Database
A database containing legal and policy uinformation including legislation and supporting material of the Australian Taxation Office.

Taxation Law
A component of the Weblaw project this is a comprehensive website
containing a diverse collection of annotated links to sites dealing with 
different aspects of Taxation  Law

Journals (including Index databases)

AATD via Business Australia on Disk (1982)+
Bibliographic database produced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Subject coverage includes accounting, auditing, taxation, insolvency, financial management, corporation law, electronic data processing and superannuation.

INTAX via Business Australia on Disk (1990)+
International tax issues database produced by the Australian Taxation Office. Citations and abstracts to Australian and international journal articles, conference papers and reports on the taxation aspects of international profit shifting.

TAXABS via Business Australia on Disk (1992)+
Bibliographic database produced by the Australian Taxation Office of journal articles primarily in the area of taxation law.

Australian superannuation law bulletin
Australian tax review
British tax review
The Tax specialist
Taxation in Australia

Law Reports

Australian tax cases
Australian tax reports
Reports of tax cases


Australian income tax guide
Australian international tax agreements
Australian superannuation: taxation materials
Australian superannuation law and practice
Australian Tax Practice : Commentary & legislation
Australian Tax Practice : fringe benefits tax
Australian Tax Practice : rulings and guidelines
Cominsky. Tax farud and evasion
South Australian & Northern Territory stamp duties
Superannuation digest
Taft. Tax aspects of divorce and separation
Whiteman on Capital gains tax


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