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Page last updated July 17, 2012

The Barr Smith Library is home to an excellent collection of crime fiction, and in 2003 the breadth and depth of its collection was extended even further by a generous bequest from K L Berndt.

Below is an alphabetical list of authors, with links to the Library's catalogue, as well as links to web sites which give biographical details and lists of publications. The links to the catalogue are first (in bold), followed by web site links. The links to the catalogue will find all books by the authors, not just crime fiction.

The library also has a Crime and Mystery page with the full text of many of the early classics of the genre, and there is a Crime Fiction Collection which forms part of the Library's Special Collections.

Click here to search the catalogue for books on the subject of  mystery fiction, and mystery writers. It's not a comprehensive search, but it will give you an idea of the range of material available.

There is an amazing number of web sites devoted to crime fiction and a selection is listed below.

General Crime Fiction Sites

Ancient Egypt in Mysteries and Thrillers

AustCrime Main - Australasian Crime Fiction


British Crime, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction

Clerical detectives

Crime & Mystery Fiction

Crime Library: crime stories on serial killers, the mafia, terrorists, spies, assassins and gangsters (These are accounts of real rather than fictional crimes)

Crime Writers' Association (U.K)

Crime Writers of Canada


The Detective and the Toga

Euro Crime British and European crime fiction

Fantastic Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Books

The Geography of Crime Fiction

Golden Gate Mysteries - Crime Fiction Set in the San Francisco Bay Area

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection - by Michael E. Grost

Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Crime Website

The Mysterious Bookshop


The Mystery Reader

Mystery Readers International and Mystery Readers Journal

Penguin Most Wanted : Crime

Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Sisters in Crime

Sisters in Crime Australia

Stop, You're Killing Me!

The Thrilling Detective Web Site

 Private Eyes & Other Tough Guys
(A section of the Thrilling Detective web site)

Wikipedia - Crime Fiction



Below is an alphabetical list of authors, with links to the Library's catalogue, as well as links to web sites which give biographical details and lists of publications. The links to the catalogue are first (in bold), followed by web site links. The links to the catalogue will find all books by the authors, not just crime fiction. I've also included an entry for the classic Collins Crime Club series published by Collins (later Harper Collins)


Aarons, Edward S
Edward S. Aarons

Adams, Harold
Harold Adams

Adler, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Adler

Aird, Catherine
Catherine Aird
Catherine Aird Bibliography

Airth, Rennie
Rennie Airth

Akunin, Boris
Boris Akunin Bibliography

Allingham, Margery
The Margery Allingham Society Web Site
Margery Allingham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ambler, Eric
Eric Ambler
Eric Ambler Bibliography

Ammaniti, Niccolo

Anders, Donna
Donna Anders - Author Information, Books, and News
Donna Anders Official Website

Andrews, Robert
Robert Andrews - Author Information, Books, and News

Andrews, Sarah
Sarah Andrews, author & geologist

Armstrong, Charlotte
(Pseudonym of Charlotte Armstrong Lewi)
Charlotte Armstrong
Charlotte Armstrong Bibliography

Armstrong, Diane
Welcome to Diane Armstrong's website

Armstrong, Vivien
Vivien Armstrong Bibliography

Arnaldur Indridason
Arnaldur Indridason

Ashford, Jeffrey
(Pseudonym of Roderic Jeffries)
Jeffrey Ashford Bibliography

Ayres, Noreen
Noreen Ayres - Author Information, Books, and News
Welcome To A World the Color of Noreen ...


Alphabetical list


Babson, Marian
Marian Babson
Marian Babson - Author Information, Books, and News

Bagby, George
George Bagby - Author Information, Books, and News

Baldacci, David

Bannister, Jo
Jo Bannister
Jo Bannister - Author Information, Books, and News

Bardin, John Franklin
J.F.B. Home Page
John Franklin Bardin Bibliography

Barclay, Linwood
Linwood Barclay

Barnard, Robert
Robert Barnard Bibliography
Gregory & Company Authors' Agents - Robert Barnard

Barrett, Robert G
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Robert G. Barrett

Barron, Stephanie
(Also writes as Francine Matthews)
Author Stephanie Barron: Jane Austen Mysteries
Francine Mathews Bibliography

Bauer, Sydney
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Sydney Bauer

Bayer, William
William Bayer Bibliography
Welcome to William Bayer's Web Site

Beasley, Richard

Beaton, M C
M C Beaton
M. C. Beaton - Author Information, Books, and News

Beckett, Simon
Simon Beckett
Simon Beckett Website

Bedford, Jean
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Jean Bedford

Benn, James R
James R Benn

Bentley, E C (Edmund Clerihew)
Edmund Clerihew Bentley - Wikipedia

Bernhardt, William
William Bernhardt - Author Information, Books, and News
William Bernhardt Online

Biggers, Earl Derr
Earl Derr Biggers - Wikipedia
Earl Derr Biggers - the Charlie Chan Family Home

Billingham, Mark
Mark Billingham - crime fiction writer
Mark Billingham

Bird Carmel
Carmel Bird homepage

Black, Cara
Cara Black - Author Information, Books, and News
Cara Black Mystery Author's Site

Black, Gavin
Gavin Black Bibliography - Checklist

Blaisdell, Anne
(Pseudonym used by Elizabeth Linington)
Anne Blaisdell Bibliography

Blake, Nicholas
(Pseudonym for C Day Lewis)
Cecil Day-Lewis - Books and Writers
Nicholas Blake Bibliography

Block, Lawrence
Authors and Creators: Lawrence Block
Lawrence Block
Interview: A Conversation With Lawrence Block *Writers Write -- The IWJ*

Blunt, Giles
About Giles Blunt
Giles Blunt Bibliography

Bonfiglioli, Kyril
Kyril Bonfiglioli Bibliography

Box, C J
C. J. Box - Author Information, Books, and News
C J Box Web Site

Boyer, Rick
Rick Boyer
Rick Boyer Bibliography

Bradby, Tom
Tom Bradby

Bradley, James
RN Book Show -1 March 2006 - James Bradley: The Resurrectionist

Brady, Joan
Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Bars and scars
Joan Brady Bibliography

Brady, Tess
Tess Brady

Bramah, Ernest
Ernest Bramah Bibliography

Brand, Christianna
(Pseudonym of Mary Christianna Lewis)
Christianna Brand

Brandon, Ruth

Braun, Lilian Jackson
Lilian Jackson Braun
Lilian Jackson Braun - Author Information, Books, and News

Brett, Simon
Simon Brett Bibliography
Simon Brett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Briant, Shane
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Shane Briant

Brien, Nell
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: A Veiled Journey by Nell Brien

Brissenden, R F
Australian Crime Fiction Database - R.F. Brissenden

Brooks, Kirsty
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Kirsty Brooks
Kirsty Brooks

Brown, Carter
(Pseudonym for Allan Geoffrey Yates, who also wrote as Caroline Farr, Tom Conway and Paul Valdez)
Carter Brown - Books and Writers

Browne, Marshall
Crime Factory Interview with Marshall Browne
Marshall Browne homepage

Buck, Karen
Presenting the Killer Quilts Mystery Series, by Karen Buck

Bullett, Gerald
Gerald Bullett Bibliography

Burden, Pat
Pat Burden Bibliography

Burke, James Lee
James Lee Burke Offical Website

Burke, Jan
A Conversation With Jan Burke *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Jan Burke - Author Information, Books, and News
The Official Website of Jan Burke

Busby, Roger
Roger Busby

Bush, Christopher

Butler, Gwendoline
Gwendoline Butler
Gwendoline Butler - Wikipedia

Butterworth, Michael
Michael Butterworth Bibliography


Alphabetical list


Cain James M
James M. Cain - Books and Writers
James M. Cain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cairns, Alison
(A pseudonym of Margaret Reid Duncan, who also writes as M R D Meek)

Callinan, Ian
A review of The Missing Masterpiece, by Ian Callinan

Camilleri, Andrea
Andrea Camilleri Bibliography

Cannell, Dorothy
Dorothy Cannell - Author Information, Books, and News
Dorothy Cannell

Canning, Victor
Victor Canning Bibliography
Victor Canning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carlon, Patricia
Patricia Carlon
Patricia Carlon - Obituary

Carr, John Dickson
John Dickson Carr - Author Information, Books, and News
The John Dickson Carr Collector: first edition hardbacks and vintage paperbacks
John Dickson Carr Society

Case, John
John Case - Author Information, Books, and News
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: The Genesis Code by John Case

Caudwell, Sarah
(Pseudonym of Sarah Cockburn)
Sarah Caudwell
Sarah Caudwell Bibliography

Chan, Melissa
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Melissa Chan

Chandler, Raymond
The Raymond Chandler Web Site

Chesterton G K (Gilbert Keith)
The American Chesterton Society
G.K. Chesterton (selected links )

Child, Lee
Interview: A Conversation With Lee Child *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Lee Child - Author Information, Books, and News

Christie, Agatha
Agatha Christie: The Official Online Home

Christmas, Joyce
Interview: A Conversation With Joyce Christmas *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Joyce Christmas Homepage

Clark, Mary Higgins
A Conversation With Mary Higgins Clark *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Mary Higgins Clark Bibliography

Clausen, Lowen
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Second Watch by Lowen Clausen
The official site of author Lowen Clausen
Lowen Clausen - Author Information, Books, and News

Cleary, Jon
Jon Cleary
Jon Cleary Bibliography

Cleeves, Ann
Ann Cleeves
Ann Cleeves: A Profile by Martin Edwards

Clemeau, Carol

Clement, Peter
Peter Clement
Peter Clement - Author Information, Books, and News
Peter Clement Bibliography

Clynes, Michael
Michael Clynes - Author Information, Books, and News

Coben, Harlan
Harlan Coben - Author Information, Books, and News
The Official Harlan Coben Web Site

Cody, Liza
Liza Cody
Liza Cody - author of the Eva Wylie series, Anna Lee mysteries

Coel, Margaret
Margaret Coel
Margaret Coel - Author Information, Books, and News

Cole, Martina
Martina Cole
Martina Cole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Collins Crime Club
This was a series, published by Collins, later Harper Collins.
Collins Crime Club - A Brief History

Collins, Max Allan
Authors and Creators: Max Allan Collins
Max Allan Collins

Collins, Wilkie
The Wilkie Collins Web Site

Connelly, Michael
Interview | Michael Connelly
Official Web Site of Bestselling Author Michael Connelly

Connolly, John
John Connolly
John Connolly: Bestselling Author

Cook, Thomas H
Thomas H. Cook
Thomas H. Cook - Author Information, Books, and News

Cooper, Natasha
Profile of Natasha Cooper for Crime Time magazine
Natasha Cooper Bibliography

Cork, Barry
Barry Cork Bibliography

Cornwell, Patricia
Patricia Cornwell Home

Corris, Peter
Peter Corris - Author Information, Books, and News

Cory, Desmond
Desmond Cory Web Site

Cotterill, Colin
Colin Cotterill's website

Courtier, S H
Australian Crime Fiction Database - S H Courtier
S.H. Courtier

Crais, Robert
Robert Crais
Interview | Robert Crais

Crispin, Edmund
Edmund Crispin
Edmund Crispin - Wikipedia

Crofts, Freeman Wills
Freeman Wills Crofts - Wikipedia
Freeman Wills Crofts Bibliography

Crombie, Deborah
Deborah Crombie

Cross, Amanda
(Pseudonym of Carolyn Gold Heilbrun)
Amanda Cross - Author Information, Books, and News

Curtis, Jack
Jack Curtis Bibliography

Curzon, Clare
(Pseudonym of Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan)
Clare Curzon
Clare Curzon Bibliography

Cussler, Clive
Clive Cussler

Cutler, Judith
Judith Cutler Bibliography
Welcome to the crime novels of Judith Cutler

Alphabetical list


Dale, John
Australian Crime Fiction Database - John Dale
Wild Life by John Dale

D'Amato, Barbara
Barbara D'Amato
Barbara D'Amato - Author Information, Books, and News

Dams, Jeanne M
A Conversation With Jeanne M. Dams *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Jeanne M. Dams

Daniel, Mark
Mark Daniel Bibliography

Danks Denise
Denise Danks
The Royal Literary Fund - Denise Danks

Davidson, Lionel
Lionel Davidson
Lionel Davidson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Davis, Lindsey
Lindsey Davis Official Website

Davitt Ellen

Day Dianne
Talking Mystery With Dianne Day *Writers Write -- The IWJ*

Day, Marele
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Marele Day

Marele Day

Deaver, Jeffery
Jeffery Deaver's Official Web Site
Jefferey Deaver

Delman, David

DeMille, Nelson
Nelson DeMille - Official Website

Dettman, Joy
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Joy Dettman
Trembling with Joy -

Dewhurst, Eileen
Eileen Dewhurst Bibliography
Eileen Dewhurst by Martin Edwards

Dexter, Colin
Creator of Inspector Morse
Colin Dexter

Dibdin, Michael
Interview | Michael Dibdin

Dickinson, Peter
Peter Dickinson Bibliography
Peter Dickinson: Official Web Site

Diehl, William
William Diehl
William Diehl - Author Information, Books, and News

Disher, Garry
Australian Authors - Garry Disher
Garry Disher

Dobbs, Michael
Official Website of Michael Dobbs - Author

Doherty, Paul C
Paul C. Doherty - Author Information, Books, and News
Paul Doherty

Doody, Margaret
Margaret Doody Bibliography

Doss, James D
James D. Doss - Author Information, Books, and News
James D Doss Bibliography

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle Society
Sherlock Holmes on the Web: the Sherlockian.Net Holmepage
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - His Life, All His Works and More

Doyle, Peter
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Peter Doyle

Druett, Joan
Joan Druett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Drummond, Ivor
Domini Taylor Bibliography
Roger Longrigg
Roger Erskine Longrigg  also wrote under the pseudonyms 'Laura Black', 'Ivor Drummond', 'Frank Parrish', and 'Domini Taylor'.

Dryer, Eileen
Bestselling Author, Eileen Dreyer

Duffy, Margaret
Margaret Duffy Bibliography

Dunn, Carola
Carola Dunn
Carola Dunn - Wikipedia
Carola Dunn - Author Information, Books, and News

Dunnett, Alastair MacTavish

Dunning, John
John Dunning
John Dunning - Author Information, Books, and News
John Dunning Bibliography

Alphabetical list


Eberhart, Mignon G
Mignon G. Eberhart - Biography
Mignon G. Eberhart - Books
Mignon G. Eberhart - While the Patient Slept

Eccles, Marjorie
Marjorie Eccles
Marjorie Eccles Bibliography

Eco, Umberto
The Name of the Rose is an amazing book, not the least of its virtues being that it demonstrates that libraries are not as safe as one might think.
Umberto Eco
Umberto Eco: Porta Ludovica - Author Homepage

Edmonds, Janet
Janet Edmonds Bibliography

Edwards, Martin
Martin Edwards
Martin Edwards Homepage

Edwards, Ruth Dudley
Homepage of journalist, historian and crime writer, Ruth Dudley Edwards
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Edwardson, Ake
Ake Edwardson - Penguin Group (USA) Authors - Penguin Group (USA)
Mystery Ink: Edwardson, Ake - Never End (2006)

Egan, Lesley
(Pseudonym of Elizabeth Linington)
Lesley Egan Bibliography

Elkins, Aaron
Aaron Elkins
Aaron Elkins -Official Website

Ellin, Stanley
Stanley Ellin - Books and Writers
Stanley Ellin Bibliography

Elton, Ben
Ben Elton Bibliography
Ben Elton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Emerson, Earl
Earl W Emerson
Earl Emerson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Emerson, Kathy Lynn
Kathy Lynn Emerson - Author Information, Books, and News
Kathy Lynn Emerson, Writer

English, Brenda
Brenda English - Author Information, Books, and News
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Corruption of Justice by Brenda English

English, Robert
Robert English - AustLit Agent

Eslick, Tom
Tom Eslick author of Deadly Kin - White Mountains Mystery Series

Estleman Loren D
Loren D Estleman
Loren Estleman, author

Evanovich, Janet
Janet Evanovich's Web Site

Alphabetical list


Fairstein, Linda
Alex Cooper Crime Novels
Linda Fairstein Bibliography

Falconer, Colin
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer, Australia's one man duo on the international thriller lists

Farmer, Jerrilyn
Jerrilyn Farmer
Jerrilyn Farmer – Writers Write

Fasman, Jon
Jon Fasman

Ferrars, Elizabeth
(Pseudonym of Morna Doris MacTaggart Brown)
Elizabeth Ferrars Bibliography

Fforde, Jasper
Interview: A Conversation With Jasper Fforde *Writers Write -- The IWJ*

Fister, Barbara
Barbara Fister
Blood at the Source - Barbara Fister
Barbara Fister is also a research librarian and this page contains her research tips for mystery writers.

Fitzwater, Judy
Judy Fitzwater - Jennifer Marsh Mysteries
THE MYSTERY READER New Faces Interview Judy Fitzwater

Flanagan, Richard
Richard Flanagan, The unknown terrorist - Review

Fleming, Anne

Fleming, Joan
Joan Fleming

Fletcher, David

Flower, Pat
Pat Flower

Follett, Ken
Ken Follett | Welcome to the official site of the international best-selling author
Ken Follett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Forbes, Leslie
Leslie Forbes
Leslie Forbes - Bookreporter

Forsythe, Malcolm
Malcolm Forsythe Bibliography

Fossum, Karin
Karin Fossum Bibliography

Fowler, Christopher
Christopher Fowler

Fowler, Earlene
Earlene Fowler Bibliography
Earlene Fowler Home Page

Fox, Kathryn
Kathryn Fox

Francis, Dick - Dick Francis Reading Group
Dick Francis Bibliography

Fraser, Anthea
Anthea Fraser Bibliography
Anthea Fraser Bibliography - Checklist

Frazer, Margaret
Margaret Frazer - Author Information, Books, and News
The Margaret Frazer Tale

Freedman, J F
JF Freedman - the book space

Freeling, Nicolas
Nicolas Freeling - Author Information, Books, and News
Nicolas Freeling (Obituary)

Freeman, R Austin
R. Austin Freeman
R Austin Freeman Bibliography

Freemantle, Brian
Brian Freemantle - Author Information, Books, and News
Brian Freemantle Bibliography

Fremlin, Celia
Celia Fremlin Bibliography
Celia Fremlin

French, Nicci
Authors: Nicci French

Friedman, Kinky
Kinky Friedman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Frommer, Sara Hoskinson
Sara Hoskinson Frommer's home page

Futrelle, Jacques
Jacques Futrelle Bibliography
Jacques Futrelle Biography
Jacques Futrelle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fyfield, Frances
Author Profile: Frances Fyfield
Frances Fyfield
Frances Fyfield Bibliography

Alphabetical list


Gaboriau, Emile
Emile Gaboriau - Wikipedia

Gano, John
(Pseudonym of Freddie Stockdale)
John Gano Bibliography

Garcia-Roza, Luis Alfredo
Reviews | December Heat by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza

Gardner, Erle Stanley
The Erle Stanley Gardner Website, Ventura, California, USA

Gardner, John
John Gardner (thriller writer) - Wikipedia

Gardner, Lisa
Lisa Gardner

Garfield, Brian
Brian Garfield Bibliography
Brian Garfield - Biography

Garrison, Paul
Paul Garrison - Author Information, Books, and News
Sea Stories by Paul Garrison: Suspense Novels about Sailing, Seafaring, High-Tech Catamarans, Mega-Yachts, and Attack Submarines

Garve, Andrew
(Pseudonym for Paul Winterton, also wrote as Roger Bax and Paul Somers)
Andrew Garve
Andrew Garve Bibliography

Gash, Jonathan
Jonathan Gash

Gask, Arthur
Arthur Gask - AustLit Agent

Australian Crime Fiction Database - Arthur Gask

Gavaler Chris
THE MYSTERY READER New Faces Interview Chris Gavaler

Geason, Susan

Gellis, Roberta
Roberta Gellis
Roberta Gellis - Author Information, Books, and News

Gentill, Sulari
Sulari Gentill

George, Elizabeth
Elizabeth George Web Site
Elizabeth George (Barnes & Noble)

Gerritsen, Tess
Tess Gerritsen Bibliography
Official Tess Gerritsen site on the web

Giarratano, Leah
Leah Giarratano

Gilbert, Anthony
(Pseudonym for Lucy Beatrice Malleson)
Anthony Gilbert Bibliography
Anthony Gilbert - Books and Writers

Gilbert, Michael
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert Bibliography

Gill, Anton
Anton Gill

Gill, B M
B M Gill

Gilman, Dorothy
Dorothy Gilman
Dorothy Gilman - Author Information, Books, and News

Dorothy Gilman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gleeson, Janet
Janet Gleeson Bibliography
The Serpent in the Garden, The Grenadillo Box by Janet Gleeson - reviews

Goddard, Robert
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Beyond Recall by Robert Goddard

Goldsborough, Robert
Robert Goldsborough Bibliography

Goodall, Jane R
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Jane Goodall

Goodwin, Jason
Jason Goodwin

Gosling, Paula
Paula Gosling Bibliography

Gott, Robert
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Robert Gott

Grafton, Sue
A Conversation With Sue Grafton *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Sue Grafton Web Site Home Page

Graham, Heather
Heather Graham, aka Shannon Drake & Heather Graham Pozzessere--Official Home Page

Granger, Ann
Ann Granger Bibliography
Ann Granger, Mystery Author
Ann Granger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grayson, Richard
(Also writes as Richard Grindal)
Richard Grayson Bibliography

Green, Anna Katherine
(A pioneer of the mystery genre - we have links to electronic text courtesy of Project Gutenberg)
Anna Katherine Green
Books 'n' Bytes - Anna Katherine Green

Greenwood, John
(Pseudonym of  John Buxton Hilton)
John Buxton Hilton Bibliography

Greenwood Kerry
Allen and Unwin - Authors - Kerry Greenwood
Funnel Web: Kerry Greenwood
Kerry Greenwood Bibliography

Gregson, J M
J.M. Gregson
J M Gregson Bibliography

Grilley, Kate
Kate Grilley
Kate Grilley - Author Information, Books, and News

Grimes, Martha - Author Profile: Martha Grimes - Martha Grimes' Home on the Web

Grisham, John
John Grisham Bibliography

Grogan, Wayne
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Wayne Grogan

Gruenfeld, Lee
All Fall Down by Lee Gruenfeld
Lee Gruenfeld - Author Information, Books, and News

Guilhaus, Fred W
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Frederick Guilhaus

Gulik, Robert van
Ex Libris Archives: Robert van Gulik
Judge Dee
Robert van Gulik Bibliography

Gunn, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Gunn and her mystery novels
Elizabeth Gunn - Author Information, Books, and News

Alphabetical list


Haddam, Jane
Jane Haddam
The Official Jane Haddam Web Site

Haffner, Margaret

Haggard, William
(Pseudonym of Richard Henry Michael Clayton)
William Haggard Bibliography
William Haggard: Information From

Haines, Carolyn
Carolyn Haines
Carolyn Haines: The Official Mississippi Delta Mystery Website

Hall, James W
James W Hall Bibliography
The Official Web Site of James W. Hall, Best-Selling Author of Blackwater Sound

Hall, Patricia
(Pseudonym of Maureen O'Connor)
Patricia Hall
Patricia Hall Bibliography

Hall Tarquin
Tarquin Hall

Hallahan, William H
William H Hallahan Bibliography
William H. Hallahan - Home

Hallinan, Timothy
Timothy Hallinan - Stop, You're Killing Me

Hambly, Barbara
Barbara Hambly - Author Information, Books, and News
The Official Barbara Hambly Page

Hamilton, Denise
Denise Hamilton, author website
Denise Hamilton Bibliography

Hamilton, Ian
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Ian Hamilton

Hamilton, Steve
Steve Hamilton - Author Information, Books, and News
Steve Hamilton - The Official Site

Hammett, Dashiell
American Masters . Dashiell Hammett | PBS
Checklist of Dashiell Hammett Fiction
Dashiell Hammett

Hammond, Gerald
Gerald Hammond
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Twice Bitten by Gerald Hammond

Hannah, Sophie
Sophie Hannah - FantasticFiction

Hansen, Joseph
Joseph Hansen
No Exit Press - Joseph Hansen

Hare, Cyril
Cyril Hare
Cyril Hare Bibliography
The Reluctant Detective - Cyril Hare by Martin Edwards

Harland, James
THE MYSTERY READER New Faces Interview James Harland

Harper, Karen
Karen Harper - Author Information, Books, and News

Harris, Charlaine
Charlaine Harris - Author Information, Books, and News
Charlaine Harris- NEWS!!

Harris, Jana
THE MYSTERY READER New Faces Interview Jana Harris

Harris Lee
Lee Harris - Author Information, Books, and News
Nuns, Mothers, and Others:  Mystery Writers Lee Harris, Jonnie Jacobs, Lora Roberts, Valerie Wolzien

Harrison, Colin - Author Profile: Colin Harrison
Colin Harrison Bibliography

Harrison, Ray
Ray Harrison
Ray Harrison - Author Information, Books, and News

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Official Website Home Page

Harstad, Donald
Donald Harstad - Author Information, Books, and News
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Eleven Days by Donald Harstad

Hart, Carolyn G
Carolyn Hart
Carolyn Hart interview

Hart, Ellen
Ellen Hart
Ellen Hart Bibliography

Hasluck, Nicholas
Australian Authors - Nicholas Hasluck
Nicholas Hasluck

Harvey, John
John Harvey Bibliography
Mellotone : John Harvey : Resnick
Mystery Authors Online - John Harvey

Hawke, Simon
Simon Hawke - Author Information, Books, and News

Hayter, Sparkle
Sparkle Hayter Bibliography

Haywood, Steve

Hecht, Daniel
Daniel Hecht
Daniel Hecht Bibliography

Heck, Peter J
Peter Heck

Heller, Keith

Henry, Jarad
Jarad Henry's homepage

Hess, Joan
Also writes as Joan Hadley
Joan Hess
Joan Hess, Mystery and Suspense Writer

Hewson,  David
David Hewson Bibliography

Heyer, Georgette
Georgette Heyer
Georgette Heyer Bibliography
Georgette Heyer Homepage

Hiaasen, Carl
Carl Hiaasen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carl Hiaasen's Official Web Site

Higgins, Jack
Jack Higgins - Author Information, Books, and News
Jack Higgins Bibliography
Unofficial Jack Higgins Homepage

Highsmith, Patricia
Patricia Highsmith Home Page

Hill, Reginald
Reginald Hill's web page
Reginald Hill

Hill, Susan
Susan Hill

Hillerman, Tony
Tony Hillerman Books
The Unofficial Tony Hillerman Homepage

Hilton, John Buxton
(Also wrote under the pseudonym John Greenwood)
John Buxton Hilton
John Buxton Hilton Bibliography

Himes, Chester
Chester Himes Bibliography
Chester Himes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hinxman, Margaret

Hoag, Tami
Interview with Tami Hoag --
Tami Hoag

Hoeg, Peter
(Author of Smilla's Sense of Snow, or, depending on the translation, Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow)
Peter Høeg (Writer)

Hoeg, Peter
(Author of Smilla's Sense of Snow, or, depending on the translation, Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow)
Peter Høeg (Writer)

Hoeye, Michael
BookPage Interview October 2002: Michael Hoeye
Time Stops for No Mouse

Holden, Craig
Craig Holden
Craig Holden Bibliography

Holme, Timothy
Timothy Holme
Timothy Holme Author Page (

Hooper, Chloe
Hooper, Chloe - Australian Women Biographical entry

Hooper, Kay
Author Kay Hooper
Kay Hooper Bibliography

Howard, Linda
Linda Howard - Author Information, Books, and News

Howard, Tom
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Tom Howard

Hughes, Dorothy B
Dorothy B. Hughes

Hull, Richard
Richard Hull - Bibliography - Checklist

Hume, Fergus
Fergus Hume Bibliography

Huxley, Elspeth
Elspeth J. Huxley - Author Information, Books, and News

Hyland, Adrian
Adrian Hyland - Books Alive

Alphabetical list

Alphabetical list


Jacq, Christian
Authors: Christian Jacq
Christian Jacq Bibliography

Jacquemard, Yves

James, P. D.
P.D. James: The Official Website
P. D. James - Author Information, Books, and News
P.D. James Interview with Don Swaim
The Observer | Review | Interview: PD James

James, Terry

James, Wendy
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Wendy James

Jance, J A
J A Jance Home Page
J A Jance Bibliography

Jardine, Quintin
Quintin Jardine
Quintin Jardine Bibliography

Jay, Charlotte
(Pseudonym of Geraldine Halls)
Charlotte Jay
Charlotte Jay Bibliography - Checklist

Jay, Geraldine Margaret
(Pseudonym of Geraldine Halls)

Jecks, Michael
Michael Jecks Website
Michael Jecks Bibliography

Jeffries, Roderic
(Also writes as Jeffrey Ashford)
Roderic Jeffries
Roderic Jeffries Bibliography

Jinks, Catherine
AustLit Agent - Catherine Jinks
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Catherine Jinks

Johansen, Iris
Iris Johansen - Author Information, Books, and News
The Official Iris Johansen Web Pages

Johnston, Dorothy
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Dorothy Johnston
Dorothy Johnston

Jose, Nicholas
Nicholas Jose
School of Humanities | Professor Nicholas Jose

Joss, Morag
Morag Joss
Random House | Authors | Morag Joss

Juniper, Alex
(Pseudonym of Janet Turner Hospital)
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Alex Juniper
A Very Proper Death by Alex Juniper

Alphabetical list


Kaminsky, Stuart R
Stuart M Kaminsky Bibliography

Kava, Alex
Alex Kava
Alex Kava - Fantastic Fiction

Kearsley, Susanna
THE ROMANCE READER reviews: The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley

Keating H R F
H.R.F. Keating
H R F Keating Bibliography

Kellerman, Faye
Author Profile: Faye Kellerman
Faye Kellerman

Kellerman, Jonathan - Author Profile: Jonathan Kellerman
 Jonathan Kellerman
Jonathan Kellerman Bibliography

Kelly, Jim
Jim Kelly

Kelly, Nora
Nora Kelly
Nora Kelly - Crime Writers of Canada

Kelly, Susan B
Susan B. Kelly
Susan B Kelly Bibliography

Kemelman, Harry
Harry Kemelman Bibliography

Christobel Kent


Kenyon, Michael
Michael Kenyon Bibliography

Kernick, Simon
Simon Kernick - crime fiction author
Interview with Simon Kernick - January Magazine

Kerr, Philip
Philip Kerr

Kershaw, Valerie

Kilmer, Nicholas
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Lazarus, Arise by Nicholas Kilmer
Nicholas Kilmer - Author Information, Books, and News

King, Laurie
Laurie R King Bibliography
Laurie R. King - Mystery Writer / Author

Kleinholz, Lisa
Lisa Kleinholz

Kline, Penny
Penny Kline Bibliography

Knox Malcolm
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Malcolm Knox
Books and Writing - 18/07/2004: Malcolm Knox

Koehler, C J
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Mind Games by C.J. Koehler

Koontz, Dean
DEAN KOONTZ: The Official Web Site
Dean R Koontz Bibliography

Krich, Rochelle
Rochelle's Home Page

Alphabetical list


Langton, Jane
Jane Langton - Author Information, Books, and News
Jane Langton - Author Information, Books, and News

Lathen, Emma
 (Pseudonym of two American businesswomen, Mary Jane Latsis and Martha Hennissart)
Emma Lathen Bibliography

Laurence, Janet
Janet Laurence Bibliography

Learner, Tobsha
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Tobsha Learner
Tobsha Learner

Leblanc, Maurice
Maurice Leblanc - Books and Writers
Maurice Leblanc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Le Breton, Auguste

Lehane, Dennis
Dennis Lehane Bibliography
Interview | Dennis Lehane

Lengyel, Peter
Cobblestone - a novel by Peter Lengyel

Leon, Donna
Donna Leon
Novels by Donna Leon (From the Tangled Web web site)

Leonard, Elmore
Elmore Leonard - About the Author
Elmore Leonard Bibliography

Leroux, Gaston
Gaston Leroux Bibliography
Gaston Leroux - Books and Writers
Gaston Leroux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lescroart, John
John Lescroart Bibliography

Lethem, Jonathan
Jonathan Lethem Bibliography
Locus: Jonathan Lethem interview

Levin, Ira
Ira Levin Bibliography
Ira Levin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lewis, J R

Lexander, Ren

Linscott, Gillian
Gillian Linscott
Gillian Linscott: Profile: Virago

Lockridge, Richard
Richard Lockridge Bibliography

Long, Martin
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Martin Long

Lorac, E C R
(Pseudonym of Edith Caroline Rivett)
ECR Lorac - Bibliography - Information
ECR Lorac - Carol Carnac Biography - Information About

Loraine, Philip

Lord, Gabrielle
Gabrielle Lord
Gabrielle Lord - Crime fiction

Lovesey, Peter
Peter Lovesey
Peter Lovesey Bibliography

Lyall, Francis
Francis Lyall Bibliography
Prof Francis Lyall

Alphabetical list


McBain, Ed
(Pseudonym of Evan Hunter)
Ed McBain Bibliography
Evan Hunter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

McCall Smith, Alexander
You'll also find listed his legal publications
Alexander McCall Smith
Alexander McCall Smith Bibliography
Interview with Alexander McCall Smith --

McClure, James
James McClure Bibliography

MacColl, Mary Rose
AustLit Agent - Mary Rose MacColl

McCrumb, Sharyn
Sharyn McCrumb Bibliography
Sharyn McCrumb's Home Page

McDermid, Val
Val McDermid's Web Site
Val McDermid Interviewed by Ian Rankin - At Home Online with Mystery Readers International

MacDonald Ann-Marie
Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald - read book review

MacDonald, Philip
Philip MacDonald Bibliography
Philip Macdonald Biography - Information About

Mcdonald, Gregory
Gregory McDonald Bibliography
The Official Gregory Mcdonald Website

Macdonald, Marianne
Marianne Macdonald - The Dido Hoare mysteries

Macdonald, Ross
The Ross Macdonald files

McGinley, Patrick
Patrick McGinley

McGown, Jill
Jill McGown Bibliography
Jill McGown - Crime and mystery writer Jill McGown. Advice for would-be novelists and more.

McGuire, Paul

Macleod, Charlotte
Authors: Charlotte MacLeod
Charlotte MacLeod Bibliography

McIntosh J T
J T McIntosh Bibliography

McKemmish, Jan
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Jan McKemmish

McKinlay, Margaret

McMullen, Mary
(Pseudonym of Mary Reilly Wilson)
Mary McMullen

McNab, Claire
Books by Claire McNab
Claire McNab

MacPherson, Rett
Rett MacPherson
Rett MacPherson - Stop You're Killing Me

McQuillan, Karin
Karin McQuillan - Bibliography

Maiden, Jennifer
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Jennifer Maiden

Maitland, Barry
Barry Maitland
Interview with Barry Maitland - Crime Factory Edition 007

Malcolm, John
(Pseudonym of John Malcolm Andrews)
John Malcolm

Maloney, Shane
Shane Maloney's Website

Mankell, Henning
Guardian Unlimited Books Interview: Henning Mankel

Mann, Jessica
Jessica Mann
Jessica Mann - Author of crime and suspense novels

Mann, Paul

Markaris, Petros
Petros Markaris Bibliography

Maron, Margaret
Authors: Margaret Maron
Margaret Maron's Official Web site
Margaret Maron Bibliography

Marsh, Ngaio
Authors on the Web - Ngaio Marsh Bibliography
Dame Ngaio Marsh's Home

Marshall, Michael
(Michael Marshall Smith)
Michael Marshall Smith Bibliography
Michael Marshall Smith - The Official website

Marston, Edward
A.E. Marston
Edward Marston

Martin, A E
Australian Crime Fiction Database - A.E. Martin

Martin, P D
P D Martin
PD Martin's home page

Martinez, Guillermo
Guillermo Martinez Bibliography

Mason, A E W
A E W Mason Bibliography
AEW Mason - Meet Hanaud

Massey, Sujata
Sujata Massey
Sujata Massey - - Official Web Site of the Author of the Rei Shimura Mystery Series

Masterson, Andrew
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Andrew Masterson

Mathis, Edward
Dan Roman - texas private eye created by Edward Mathis
Edward Mathis Bibliography

Matthews, Lew
Lew Matthews Bibliography

Maling, Arthur
Arthur Maling
Arthur Maling Bibliography

Meek, M R D
(Pseudonym of Margaret Reid Duncan.)
Lennox Kemp - created by M R D Meek

Mil, Ilona van
Ilona van Mil wins the CWA Debut Dagger

Millar, Margaret
Margaret Millar Bibliography
Margaret Millar - Books and Writers

Milne, A A
(Of Winie-the-Pooh, and Christopher Robin fame)
A. A. Milne - Books and Writers
The Red House Mystery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mina, Denise
Denise Mina
Denise Mina Bibliography

Misto John
Devil's Companions - John Misto

Mitchell, Gladys
Gladys Mitchell

Moffat, Gwen
Gwen Moffat

Monfredo, Miriam Grace
Miriam Grace Monfredo Bibliography
Miriam Grace Monfredo's Home Page

Montanari, Richard
Richard Montanari

Morrissey, Di
Di Morrissey - Bestselling Australian female author

Mortimer, John
John Clifford Mortimer - Author Information, Books, and News

Mosley, Walter
Walter Mosley: reviews and bibliography

Moss, Tara
Tara Moss

Moyes, Patricia
Patricia Moyes Bibliography

Muller, Marcia
Author Interview: Marcia Muller
Authors: Marcia Muller
Marcia Muller: Mystery Author: The Unofficial Web Site

Murakami, Ryu
Ryu Murakami Bibliography
Ryu Murakami - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Murphy, Haughton
Haughton Murphy Bibliography

Murray, Stephen

Myers, Amy
Amy Myers
Amy Myers - Stop You're Killing Me

Alphabetical list

Alphabetical list

Alphabetical list


Padura, Leonardo
Leonardo Padura

Page, Emma
Emma Page Bibliography - Checklist

Page, Katherine Hall
Katherine Hall Page
Katherine Hall Page, Agatha Award-winning mystery novelist

Paretsky, Sara
Interview with Sara Paretsky - January Magazine
Sara Paretsky's Web Site

Park, Tony
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Tony Park
Welcome to the website for Australian author Tony Park

Parker, Ingrid J
The Official I.J. Parker Web Site

Parker, Robert B
The Spensarium
(Named after one of Parker's regular characters - not quite a hero...)

Parker, T Jefferson
T. Jefferson Parker's Official Web Site
Interview: A Conversation With T. Jefferson Parker *Writers Write -- The IWJ*

Patterson, Richard North
Richard North Patterson
Richard North Patterson - Author Information, Books, and News

Paul, Barbara
Barbara Paul Bibliography

Pearce, Michael
Michael Pearce Bibliography

Pears, Iain
Iain Pears Bibliography

Pearson, Ridley
Author Ridley Pearson
Ridley Pearson

Pelecanos, George
A conversation with George Pelecanos - Crime Factory Edition 005
George Pelecanos

Pence, Joanne
Joanne Pence The Angie Amalfi Mysteries

Penman, Sharon
Sharon Kay Penman Web Site

Penn, John
John Penn Bibliography

Penny, Louise
Louise Penny

Perez-Reverte, Arturo

Perry, Ritchie

Perry, Roland
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Roland Perry

Perry, Thomas
Thomas Perry - Author Information, Books, and News
Thomas Perry Bibliography

Peters, Elizabeth
Amelia Peabody books by Elizabeth Peters - Mostly Fiction recommends
Mertz - Peters - Michaels
Time Warner Authors: Elizabeth Peters

Peters, Ellis
Ellis Peters and Cadfael
Time Warner Authors: Ellis Peters

Peterson, Bernard

Phillips, Mike
An Interview with award-winning author, Mike Phillips
The Royal Literary Fund - Profile of Mike Phillips

Phillpotts, Eden
Eden Phillpotts Bibliography

Pickard, Nancy
Nancy Pickard
Nancy Pickard - Author Information, Books, and News

Poe, Edgar Allan
E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore
Edgar Allan Poe Museum -- Richmond Virginia

Porter, Joyce
Joyce Porter Bibliography - Checklist

Preston, Richard
Biography: Richard Preston
Richard Preston

Price, Anthony
Anthony Price
Anthony Price Bibliography

Puckett, Andrew
Andrew Puckett Bibliography

Alphabetical list


Qiu, Xiaolong
Qiu Xiaolong - novelist and poet
Qiu Xiaolong

Queen, Ellery
(Pseudonym used by two American cousins, Frederick Dannay and Manfred B. Lee)
Ellery Queen Bibliography
Ellery Queen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quentin, Patrick
(Joint pseudonym of Hugh Callingham Wheeler and Richard Wilson Webb)
Patrick Quentin
Patrick Quentin Bibliography

Quill, Monica
(Pseudonym of Ralph McInerny)
Ralph McInerny Bibliography

Quinnell, A J
A J Quinnell Bibliography


Alphabetical list


Ramsay, Diana

Rankin, Ian Interviews - Ian Rankin

Rawson, Clayton
Clayton Rawson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rayner, Claire
Claire Rayner Bibliography
Claire Rayner: Profile: Virago

Redhead, Leigh
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Leigh Redhead
Leigh Redhead

Reich, Christopher
Interview with Christopher Reich --

Reichs, Kathy (Kathleen J)
Home Page for Kathy Reichs
Kathy Reichs - Home (This is her personal web site)

Reilly, Graham
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Graham Reilly
Graham Reilly Home Page

Reilly, Matthew
Matthew Reilly
Welcome to the Official Matthew Reilly Homepage

Rendell, Ruth
(also writes as Barbara Vine)
Ruth Rendell Bibliography

Reznek, Lawrie

Rhea, Nicholas
Nicholas Rhea
Nicholas Rhea - the man who inspired Heartbeat

Richards, Kel
Kel Richards

Rimington, Stella
Stella Rimington,
Stella Rimington - Wikipedia

Ripley, Mike
The Do-Not Press: Mike Ripley, author biography
Mike Ripley Bibliography

Robb, Candace
Candace Robb Web Site (Official)
Interview with Candace Robb - January magazine

Robb, J D
(Also writes as Nora Roberts)
Meet Nora - or rather J D Robb

Roberts, Nora
(Also writes as J D Robb)
A Conversation With Nora Roberts *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
Nora Roberts Author Website

Robertson, Helen

Robertson, Kel
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Kel Robertson

Robinson, Lynda S
Lynda S. Robinson - Lord Meren Mysteries

Robinson, Peter
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson - British Crime, Mystery...

Robotham, Michael
Michael Robotham Bibliography

Rollins, David A
Australian Crime Fiction Database - David A. Rollins
RN Book Show - 21 February 2006  - David Rollins: The Death Trust

Roome, Annette
Annette Roome Bibliography

Ross, Kate
I Will Follow... Services | Katherine Ross
Kate Ross

Rowe, Jennifer
Jennifer Rowe Australian Mystery Writer
Murder Call - The Creators - Jennifer Rowe

Rowland, Laura Joh
Laura Joh Rowland Bibliography

Rozan S J
SJ Rozan
S J Rozan Bibliography

Rubenfeld, Jed - Author Profile: Jed Rubenfeld

Rubino, Jane
Jane Rubino
Jane Rubino's Home Page

Rubinstein, Matt
Matt Rubinstein

Russell, Martin

Alphabetical list


Sandford, John - Author Profile: John Sandford
John Sandford
John Sandford Bibliography

Sansom, C J
C J Sansom

Satterthwait, Walter
CVCO - Overbooked - Author Walter Satterthwait
Profile | Walter Satterthwait   from January Magazine

Savage, Angela
Angela Savage

Australian Crime Fiction Database - Angela Savage

Sayers, Dorothy
The Dorothy L Sayers Society
The Dorothy Sayers Index

Saylor, Steven
Steven Saylor Bibliography
Steven Saylor Web Site

Schenkel, Andrea Maria
Andrea Maria Schenkel

Schlink, Bernhard
Books at Random House of Canada - Author Spotlight: Bernhard Schlink
The Independent Online Edition Bernhard Schlink

Sciascia, Leonardo

Scoppettone, Sandra
Sandra Scoppettone Bibliography
Sandra Scoppettone Official Site

Scott, Jack S

Scottoline, Lisa
Lisa Scottoline (Barnes & Noble)
Lisa Scottoline's Home Page

Sedley, Kate
Kate Sedley
Kate Sedley Bibliography

Serafin, David
David Serafin

Severy, Melvin L

Shaber, Sarah R
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Simon Said by Sarah R. Shaber
Sarah R. Shaber

Shannon, Dell
(Pseudonym of Elizabeth Linington)
Dell Shannon Bibliography

Shaw, Caroline
Caroline Shaw

Shone, Anna
Anna Shone - Bibliography

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Simenon, Georges
Georges Simenon
Simenon's Inspector Maigret

Simons, Paullina
HarperCollins Publishers Australia - Author Interviews - Paullina Simons
Paullina Simons Bibliography

Sims, George

Sjowall, Maj
(Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö were husband and wife who collaborated on ten mysteries featuring Martin Beck.)
Maj Sjowall - Orion Publishing Group Authors
Maj Sjöwall Bibliography

Skeggs, Douglas
Douglas Skeggs Bibliography

Slaughter, Karin
Karin Slaughter Bibliography
Karin Slaughter website

Sloan, Susan R
Authors: Susan R. Sloan
Welcome To! The Official Web Site of Susan R. Sloan

Smith, Frank
Frank Smith Bibliography
Frank Smith - Crime Writers of Canada

Smith, Julie
Julie Smith Bibliography

Smith, Martin Cruz
Martin Cruz Smith (Barnes & Noble)

Smith, Taylor
Author - Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - Author Information, Books, and News

Snow, C P (Charles Percy)
C P Snow Bibliography
C. P. Snow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Snow, Simon
Crime Factory Interview with Simon Snow

Somoza, Jose Carlos
The Art of Murder - Jose Carlos Somoza - Penguin Books
Jose Carlos Somoza - Penguin Books Authors

Spears, Steve J
Steve J Spears - AustLit Agent
Wakefield Press – Murder at The Fortnight

Spillane, Mickey
Authors and Creators: Mickey Spillane
The Unofficial Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer Site

Stabenow, Dana
Dana Stabenow's Home Page
Dana Stabenow interview

Stallwood, Veronica
Veronica Stallwood
The official website of Veronica Stallwood, author of the Kate Ivory series of crime novels.

Stout, Rex
Merely A Genius...
Nero Wolfe
A fan site dedicated to Nero Wolfe, and his creator, Rex Stout

Street, Cecil J

Strong, L A G
LAG Strong Bibliography - Checklist

Strong, Tony
Tony Strong Bibliography

Swanson, Denise
Denise Swanson Web Site
THE MYSTERY READER New Faces Interview Denise Swanson

Swanson, Doug
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Umbrella Man by Doug Swanson

Sweet, Pat

Swift, Virginia
Virginia Swift
Virginia Swift, Mystery Author, at Accessory to Murder

Symons, Julian
Julian Symons
Julian Symons Bibliography

Alphabetical list


Tallis, Frank
Frank Tallis

Tapply, William G
William G Tapply Bibliography
William G. Tapply Online

Taylor, Alison G
Alison G. Taylor

Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Temple, Peter 
Peter Temple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tey, Josephine
Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josehine Tey)
Richard III Society, Josephine Tey

Thomas, Ross
Ross Thomas

Tine, Robert
Robert Tine Bibliography

Todd, Charles
Books 'n' Bytes Author Interview - Charles Todd
Charles Todd's web site

Tom, Emma
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Emma Tom

Emma Tom - The Official Website

Tremayne, Peter
(Pseudonym of the Celtic scholar Peter Berresford Ellis)
Peter Tremayne Bibliography

Trevor, Joanna
Joanna Trevor Bibliography

Trow, M J
M. J. Trow
M J Trow Bibliography

Truman, Margaret
Margaret Truman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Truman Library - Margaret Truman Daniel's Biography

Tulloch, Lee
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Lee Tulloch
Lee Tulloch ~ Author

Turnbull, Peter
THE MYSTERY READER reviews: The Man With No Face by Peter Turnbull
Peter Turnbull

Turow, Scott
Authors: Scott Turow
Scott Turow

Alphabetical list

Alphabetical list

Alphabetical list


Wade, Henry

Walker, Martin
Martin Walker

Walker, Mary Willis
Mary Willis Walker - Author Information, Books, and News
Mystery Guide - The Red Scream by Mary Willis Walker

Wallace, Edgar
Edgar Wallace Bibliography
Edgar Wallace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wallace, Robert
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Robert Wallace

Walters, Minette
Minette Walters: Official Website

Warner, Dave
Australian Crime Fiction Database - Dave Warner
Dave Warner From The Suburbs

Waugh, Hillary
Hillary Waugh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Webster, Henry Kitchell

West, Charles
Charles West Bibliography

West, Christopher
Christopher West Bibliography

West, Morris

Westlake, Donald E
Donald Westlake: Author
Donald E Westlake Bibliography

Wheat, Carolyn
Carolyn Wheat - Author Information, Books, and News

Williams, Darren

Williams, David
David Williams Bibliography
Guardian Unlimited Books | Obituaries | Obituary: David Williams

Williams, Timothy
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams Interview (

Wilson, Colin
Colin Wilson Bibliography

Wilson, Robert
Robert Wilson

Winspear, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Winspear

Wishart, David
David Wishart Bibliography

Wood, Ted
Ted Wood

Woods, Sara
(Pseudonym of Sara Hutton Bowen-Judd)
Sara Woods
Sara Woods Bibliography

Woolrich, Cornell
Cornell Woolrich, Father of Noir Fiction

Wright, Eric
Eric Wright

Wright, Steve

White, Ethel Lina
Ethel Lina White

White, Jenny
Jenny White

Alphabetical list