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DSM Library - access for Library members to all editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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The guides below have been developed to help Library members make effective use of our resources They contain links to databases, and instructions for searching them, as well as help with finding journals and books.




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Aboriginal Mental Health

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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Crisis Intervention


Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Dual Diagnosis and Medical Comorbidity

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Evidence-Based Mental Health

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History of Psychiatry


Mental Health Legislation

Mental Health Promotion

Personality Disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Primary Care - Mental Health

Psychiatric Drug Information

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rural Mental Health



Suicide and Self-Harm

Theorists and Theories

Violence and Aggression


Mental Health and Psychiatry Internet Resources

Last update: 26 July, 2013,
by Maureen Bell

These web pages are intended to provide some links to quality mental health sites on the World Wide Web, and to save you time in locating useful material. If you have any problems with the links not working, comments, or suggestions for improvements just send me an email message



The contract for the provision of a mental health library service by the University of Adelaide was terminated by SA Health on June 30th 2013. An in house service is now being provided as part of the SA Health Library Network (SAHLN).

SA Health mental health staff not currently registered with SAHLN will need to register using the registration form in order to access the new service and its resources.

The SAHLN web site is at

The SAHLN mental health web site is at

NOTE:- At the end of June links for password protected databases and journals were removed from our mental health and psychiatry web page. All remaining material is freely available to everyone.

University Library Access

Various categories of University of Adelaide Library membership are available.
See our University of Adelaide Membership and Borrowing page for details.

If you have a clinical appointment with the University, and would like obtain a staff card (which will give you library access), you will find details on how to do it here.

Walk in access to electronic and print resources is also available to non-members.



At the top of this page you'll see a series of links to other library features, including the Catalogue, Resource Guides (for other subject areas), and the Library A to Z, which will allow you to find all sorts of information, from hours of opening, to borrowing rules.

To navigate the pages in the mental health section use the Quick Links box on the right.

To find individual documents or links within the mental health pages use the Google Custom Search

Almost all of the material listed here is freely available. Resources restricted to the University's staff and students are password protected.

We produce a free bimonthly electronic newsletter to keep you up to date with new mental health links on our site, and new books in mental health purchased for the library - you don't have to be a library member to join our list.

Available free on our site is A Biography of Psychiatry: The Story of Events and the People Involved in the Development of Services for the Psychiatrically Ill in South Australia 1939-1989, a book by W. A. Dibden.
We also have an extensive collection of printed books on the history of psychiatry and mental health services in South Australia

You'll find a considerable amount of government report literature available free on the web, and the publishers of many journals make full text available free after 6 or 12 months.
PubMed the National Library of Medicine's free version of Medline is another invaluable resource.