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Personality Disorders

Last update: 6 November 2013,
by Maureen Bell

This page contains links to resources on personality disorders. Links on antisocial personality disorder are on my forensic psychiatry page. For practice guidelines related to personality disorders click here

PubMed Searches

Borderline personality disorder Search PubMed for articles on borderline personality disorder Search PubMed for free full text articles on borderline personality disorder Search PubMed for systematic reviews on borderline personality disorder


Dialectical behaviour therapy Search PubMed for articles on dialectical behaviour therapy Search PubMed for free full text articles on dialectical behaviour therapy Search PubMed for systematic reviews on dialectical behaviour therapy


All In The Mind - 20 November 2004  - Over the Borderline
Transcript and audio from All in the Mind, a series on ABC Radio National.

Borderline Personality Disorder
A description of borderline personality disorder characteristics and diagnostic criteria, from the Self Injury web site maintained by Deb Martinson, a psychologist with an interest in this field.

Borderline Personality Disorder
A collection of resources from Internet Mental Health.

Borderline Personality Disorder Today
Part of the Mental Health Today web site, maintained by Patty Pheil who holds a masters degree in social work.

BPD Central
This is a resource for people who care for someone with borderline personality disorder.

The Effectiveness of Nursing Interventions with Personality Disorders: A systematic review of the literature
A report compiled by Phil Woods, and David Richards, University of Manchester, School of Nursing Midwifery and Health Visiting, January 2002.

Evolution-Based Personality Theory
This page is part of The Official Website of Theodore Millon and The Institute for Advanced Studies in Personology and Psychopathology (IASPP).

Links between juvenile sexually abusive behaviour and emerging severe personality disorder traits in childhood
A detailed study of 280 juvenile sexual offenders referred to a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service was conducted in order to provide a detailed description of this population. Clinical, policy and research implications are discussed in this document. Department of Health (UK), November 2006.

MedlinePlus: Personality Disorders
A collection of resources on this topic from MEDLINEplus, the National Library of Medicine's information service for the public.

Medscape - Personality Disorders : Article by David Bienenfeld, MD
Medscape's content is intended for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Mental Help Net - Personality Disorders

THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 15, Ch. 201, Personality Disorders
From the online version of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Today
Part of the Mental Health Today web site, maintained by Patty Pheil who holds a masters degree in social work.

NIMH · Borderline Personality Disorder
Resources from the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States.

Personality disorder capacity plans 2005
During 2005, commissioners, clinicians, service users and other stakeholders worked together to produce personality disorder capacity plans for their local areas. This report provides: a national overview developed from analysis of the plans; commentary on common themes and a summary of actions arising from the plans. Department of Health (UK), September 2006.

Personality Disorder: No Longer a Diagnosis of Exclusion
From the Department of Health in the UK, policy implementation guidance for the development of services for people with personality disorder.

Personality Disorder Programme
This website provides information, resources and learning opportunities on Personality Disorder (PD) as well as supporting the development of the National Personality Disorder Programme in the U.K.

Personality Disorders

Psych Central - Personality Disorders
Psych Central was developed by Dr John Grohol, who is an American psychologist with a long and successful history of involvement with computers and the on line world.

Psychopathy in Psychiatry and Philosophy: An Annotated Bibliography. N. 7 July 2010
Compiled by Luca Malatesti, University of Rijeka, and Jim Baxter, University of Leeds.

The Shack
An Australian site for information on borderline personality disorder.

The STEPPS Group Treatment Program for Borderline personality Disorder
By Don St. John, and Nancee Blum University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry. Internally Peer Reviewed. First Published: February 2000, Revised: June 2002.