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Blackboard Collaborate: Overview for staff

Blackboard Collaborate is a form of synchronous virtual classroom or web conferencing. It allows instructors to set up an online event with students or other people able to join the event at the required time/date. Within the event students and instructors can interact through audio and text. Email invitations can be sent to people who are not staff or students of the University to access the event.

Blackboard Collaborate sessions can be also be recorded.

Before attempting to use Blackboard Collaborate for the first time it is critical to undertake the following computer checks:

  1. Visit the Blackboard Collaborate Support page for first time users to check that your computer/device meet the minimum systems requirements for use with Blackboard Collaborate. Make sure that both your operating system and your Java installation get the required "green tick of approval".
  2. There is also a list of supported operating systems, browsers and versions of Java. Please consult the minimum system requirements required to use Blackboard Collaborate. NOTE: The University Service Desk staff can only provide support where the user's computer/device meets the system requirements that are listed as the publisher's minimum system requirements
  3. In order to fully participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session you will need to ensure you have both audio input and output from your computer/device - you may use speakers and a microphone, or a headset with a microphone. For best practice Blackboard Collaborate recommend a USB headset with microphone.

There are two roles in relation to use of Blackboard Collaborate - Moderator (mostly the Instructor who creates and runs the session), and Participants (students and others who participate in the session). Each role allows users to do different things within the session.

It is part of the Moderator's role to create a Blackboard Collaborate session - see Blackboard Collaborate: Create a session

This site also contains information and resources on how to:

  1. Create a session
  2. Access a session
  3. Moderate a session
  4. Access recordings
  5. Run the Audio Setup wizard
  6. Technical help for Blackboard Collaborate

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