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ICC Printed Assignment: Create PDF files for Submission

Detailed below are a number of different ways to convert your documents to PDF.

Once you have created your PDF, check it thoroughly to ensure that it is formatted correctly, and make sure your images and other embedded word formatting appear as you wish them to. Printers, including the Image & Copy Centre, will not take responsibility for printing and formatting problems that have their origin in your file.

Note: that only A4 page-size will be accepted.

1. Convert a MS Office Document to PDF

If you wish to convert a MS Office 2007+ or Mac Office 2008+ document, the easiest way is to use File > Save as… and select ‘PDF’ in the save as type: field.

The Creating PDF from Word tutorial provides step-by-step instructions.

2. University PDF Conversion Service

Please Note:

  • Must have access to the University of Adelaide Intranet

  • Accessible from home or other remote locations ONLY via the University's dial in modems

  • Not available via an external ISP or the Internet.

You can use the University provided AdLib PDF Relay service to convert and deliver your documents to PDF. AdLib PDF Relay allows you to submit virtually any document type to AdLib eXpress Server for conversion to PDF.

You submit the files you which to convert to PDF via a web interface. The documents are then converted into PDF format and merged into a single PDF file which is then e-mailed back to you.

Note All documents submitted are merged into a single file.

3. Downloadable PDF Converter Tools

If you have no access to the University Intranet you may wish to download one of the following tools to convert your documents to PDF format.

4. Scan to PDF from the Library

Written or drawn material can be converted to PDF by scanning the document at a multi-function device in the Library or Hub Central, Scanning to PDF in the Library


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