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Voice tools: Send a Voice Email (for staff)

This tutorial outlines the steps to send a Voice Email to various groups of students, and instructors in the course.

NOTE: Voice Emails may take up to 24 hours to reach recipients.

Students can follow these steps to send a Voice Email only if instructors have provided access to the Voice Email tool on a MyUni course.

Before you can send a Voice Email instuctors will need to first set up the Voice Email tool see Voice tools - Setting up Voice Email tutorial


You will need a computer/device with in-built speakers and a microphone, or a computer/device and a headset with microphone.

You will need to successfully pass the Backboard voice setup wizard - if using the wizard highlights problems please check that your computer/device and audio setup meets the System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring

1. Navigate to the MyUni content area where the Voice Email tool resides then select the Send Voice Email to ... link.
Note: You can only send a Voice Email to the group chosen when the Voice Email tool was set up.

Compose the voice email

2. If the Subject field isn't pre-populated then enter a subject for the voice email.
3. Select the red record button then speak into your microphone to record the voice message.
4. Select stop to finish the recording.
5. Select the green play button to listen to and confirm that the recording is satisfactory.
[Optional] Enter written text.
6. Select Send.
7. Select Back.


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