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Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse
Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health
School of Dentistry
SA 5005


Telephone: +61 8 8313 4045

Fax: +61 8 8313 4858



Evidence-Based Oral Health Promotion Resource (2011) - Victorian Department of Health

The resource summarises the most effective health promotion strategies for prevention of oral health problems. It will assist health professionals, policy makers, planners and health promotion practitioners to further promote oral health in Victoria.


Key Oral Health Messages for Australian Public

In November 2009 the Clearing house on Oral Health Promotion at the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH), the University of Adelaide conducted a two day workshop to develop a consensus on the key oral health messages for Australia based on scientific evidence. Eminent researchers, scholars and practitioners in the field of Oral Health participated from all over Australia. The result was a set of 11 key oral health messages on diet, tooth cleaning, mouth rinses, chewing gum, safety and protection, age of first oral health visit, frequency of oral health visits and smoking. The consensus was published as an article in the Australian Dental Journal in September 2011. This has been reproduced with permission from the Australian Dental Journal.

The background papers that were presented at the workshop are available on the 'Resources for Health Promoters' page under 'Review of Evidence'


Oral Health Messages Pamphlet - 'Your Oral Health'

A pamphlet entitled, 'Your oral health' based on the 'Evidence based oral health

messages' paper referred to above is now available and paper copies are available

for order in Australia.

Please note: There is a minor formatting error in the printed version of the pamphlet. Message 5 of the oral health messages is grouped incorrectly under mouthrinses instead of toothbrushing in the printed pamphlets. This will be corrected in the next round of printing.


Main Resources

Resources are included in the Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse to provide help when planning your program or for information.

  1. Information for health promoters and teachers
  2. Information for the general public


General Resources

Database of Health Promotion Websites - Australian National Preventive Health Agency


Resources made available on this website have been reproduced and communicated by The University of Adelaide with permission. If you wish to download, print or reproduce any resource, you should contact the relevant copyright holder.