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Getting Organised

The enrolment process means that you are officially a student of the University of Adelaide. If you haven't yet enrolled and are looking for more information, you can visit Getting Started and check back here later.

The Uni Year

There are two main periods of study during the year called semesters:

  • Semester 1 2017 (week 1) starts on 27 February
  • Semester 2 2017 (week 1) starts on 24 July

There are also Summer and Winter School study periods, which are optional. Students sometimes study subjects over Winter and Summer to lighten their load during semester or to finish their degree a bit earlier.

See the important University dates for both academic and critical dates.

All Students

There are three things that will stay with you during your study:

  • Your Student Number

    Your unique identification number for the University of Adelaide.

  • Your Student ID Card

    You can use the University of Adelaide Identity Card in the following ways:

    • Identification on university campuses and at examinations
    • Student concessions (full-time students only)
    • A library card for borrowing
    • Follow me printing and photocopying services
    • An access card to University buildings
  • Your Username and Password

    Your password will expire every 360 days. You will receive a reminder email prior to expiry. Learn more

Students Under 18

You have unlimited access to all University online resources including: online education resources, library resources and email. However, due to University policy, you are NOT permitted to access external (non-University) internet sites unless you submit written consent from a parent, guardian, teacher or other responsible adult.

Visit our Technology Services website to learn more.


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