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Step 3: Plan Your Study

It is expected that students will manage their own enrolment and their own timetable throughout their study. In this step you will prepare your timetable and plan your study.

Check Enrolment Opening Times

  • Check the enrolment times page
  • Note that classes tend to fill up quickly, keep an eye on the above page and take note of the opening times relevant to you.

Check Your Study Plan

Your study plan is a design of what classes you should take, what electives you have, and how you might structure your study to take these classes. It is the first step to knowing what you should enrol in.

Plan Your Timetable

Before you officially enrol, you need to plan your timetable. You can use the Timetable Planner or print copies of the Worksheet and use the Course Planner to develop a timetable.

To Use the Timetable Planner:

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