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Further Enquiries

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Pain and Anaesthesia Research Clinic
Royal Adelaide Hospital
North Terrace, Adelaide
South Australia 5000


  • +61 8 8222 2712
  • +61 8 8222 0774


  • +61 8 8222 2713


The Pain and Anaesthesia Research Clinic (PARC) conducts a range of studies that involve healthy participants as well as studies that investigate specific painful conditions and diseases. PARC also conducts studies in a range of disease indications, other than those related to pain.

Please call 08 8222 2712 to speak to a staff member about what studies are currently being undertaken and to discuss your potential eligibility.

If there are no studies suitable for you at this time, your name and contact details can be added to PARC’s confidential database. Your details will only be accessed by PARC staff members. Recording your details on the participant database will enable PARC staff to contact you should suitable studies become available in the future.

Do you suffer from headache or migraine?

Contact details: 8222 2712

Link: Headache or migraines PDF

Headache Research

An important trial we are currently conducting is for people with tension type headache. This study is investigating a non-drug treatment. This treatment has been previously investigated in other painful conditions with promising results; however it has never been trialled in the treatment of headache. Click the link below for access to this information sheet.

    To get further information about any of these studies please call PARC on 8222 2712. Our staff will discuss your condition with you and identify which of the current studies you might qualify for.

    Leave your contact details and a member of the research team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Other current studies

    PARC is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in a number of important studies. If you have any of the following conditions you may qualify for entry:

    • Chronic pain that requires regular opioid use
    • Influenza (Flu)
    • Sciatic pain
    • Chronic pain in patients with spinal cord injury
    • A study of a new formulation of sildenafil - Viagra®

    If you would like to hear more about any of the current studies , please call PARC on 8222 2712 or 8222 0774 and one of our staff will discuss the study and your potential eligibility.

    Other studies available

    Click the images below for more information about current studies being conducted.

    Do you suffer from pain?

    Contact Details: 8222 2712

    Link: General Pain PDF

    Do you suffer from frequent headaches?

    Contact details: 8303 6216

    Link: Frequent headaches PDF

    Pain Models

    Cold pain model

    Cold pain model
    This is a nociceptive model with excellent sensitivity to detect opioid drug action and opioid-related hyperalgesia. [read more]