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PASS Courses & Session Times 2017

In Semester 1, 2017, PASS will operate in select courses within the five Faculties

Check course Canvas/MyUni notices for any changes to times and venues during the semester. PASS classes generally commence in Week 2 of the academic semester.

Semester 1, 2017 PASS Courses


Catalogue ID

Course Title



Faculty of Arts

ARTS 1007 Enquiring Minds  TBA  TBA

HIST 1108 Empires in World History TBA TBA
FREN 1002 French 1A TBA TBA
ENGL 1101 Introduction to English: Ideas of the Real TBA TBA
JAPN 1001 Japanese 1A TBA TBA
JAPN 2201 Japanese 11A TBA TBA
PHIL 1102 Mind and World TBA TBA
LING 1101 Foundations of Linguistics TBA TBA
POLIS 1101 Introduction to Politics TBA TBA

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

CHEM ENG 1007 Introduction to Process Engineering TBA TBA

COMP SCI 1102 Object Oriented Programming TBA TBA
Comp Sci 2000 Computer Systems TBA TBA
CENVENG 1010 Engineering Mechanics- Statics TBA TBA
ELEC ENG 1100 Analogue Electronics TBA TBA
ELEC ENG 1101 Electronic Systems TBA TBA

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

ANAT SC 1102 Human Biology 1A TBA TBA

PSYCHOL 1000 Psychology 1A TBA TBA
PUB HLTH 1001 Health and Illnesses in Populations TBA TBA

Faculty of Professions

ACCTING 1002 Introduction to Accounting TBA TBA

ACCTING 2500 Management Accounting 11 TBA TBA
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting 11 TBA TBA
ACCTING 2503 Accounting Information Systems 11 TBA TBA
COMMGMT 1001 Introduction to Management 1 TBA TBA
COMMLAW 1004 Commercial Law 1 TBA TBA
CORPFIN 1002 Business Finance 1 TBA TBA
CORPFIN 2501 Financial Institutions Management 11 TBA TBA
ECON 1012 Principles of Economics 1 TBA TBA
ECON 1008 Business Economics Statistics 1 TBA TBA
LAW 1501 Foundations of Law TBA TBA
LAW 1507 Tort Law TBA TBA
LAW 1503 Contracts TBA TBA
LAW 2501 Australian Constitutional Law TBA TBA
MARKTNG 1001 Introduction to Marketing 1 TBA TBA

Faculty of Sciences

BIOCHEM 2501 Biochemistry: Molecular and Cell Biology TBA TBA

BIOLOGY 1101 Biology: Molecules, Genes and Cells TBA TBA
BIOLOGY 1401 Concepts in Biology TBA TBA
CHEM 1100 Chemistry 1A TBA TBA
CHEM 1101 Foundations of Chemistry 1A TBA TBA
CHEM 2510 Chemistry 11A TBA TBA
PHYSICS 1100 Physics 1A TBA TBA
PHYSICS 1101 Physics for Life and Earth Sciences 1A TBA TBA
PHYSICS 1008 Physical Aspects of Nature TBA TBA

Peer Assisted Study Sessions