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Get Involved

Benefits of getting involved

While studying hard is very important and an integral to your success, there is more to your University life than getting good grades.

Most other graduates you compete against (especially when you first graduate) have similar qualifications to you. It is transferable skills, particularly in communication and leadership, that will make you stand out above the competition. Whilst at University, get involved in as many student experience activities, workshops and seminars as you can. Not only will you improve your student experience, but you will improve your employability.


Things our employer partners expect to see in high quality graduates:

  1. strong verbal and written communication skills
  2. strong leadership qualities, initiative
  3. creative and innovative problem solving skills
  4. passion, internal drive and motivation
  5. strong interpersonal skills
  6. confident ability to work in teams
  7. global understanding and cultural awareness

Get involved.  Skill up.  Be competitive.  Be job ready!


profConnect Networking Program


There are 2 parts to profConnect - joining in with all the other first year Commerce, Economics, Finance, Education and ECIC students, and being a student leader and mentor.

During your first year in the Faculty of the Professions, you are encouraged to attend profConnect workshops and social activites. These activities are organised by the profConnect student leaders, who are 2nd or 3rd year students and are there to help you.

Once you have reached your 2nd or 3rd year, why don't you consider becoming a student leader? It looks great on your resume, being involved in Student Leadership allows you to develop your leadership skills and meet students from diverse backgrounds and you can also gain points for The Adelaide Advantage.

Click here for more information.

The Adelaide Advantage


Want to stand out from the crowd during the job hunt?
Let us open some doors for you...

  •  Are you (or would you like to be) involved in volunteering, clubs, community, study tours, international study exchanges?
  •  Would you like to enhance your employability and your own self-development?
  •  Do you want your experience outside the classroom to count towards your university experience and your degree program?

Then The Adelaide Advantage is for you!

By registering to Adelaide Advantage, you will get access to extracurricular activities available at the Uni such as Study Tours or internships but also to Adelaide Advantage exclusive opportunities including chances to network with the industry, develop your leadership skills, gain work experience or volunteer for charities.

This is your chance to pump up your CV and grow as an individual by acquiring valuable skills and experiences. So why not make esteemed industry contacts, and enhance and enrich your time at University 'outside of the classroom', Register Now!

First-hand experience


Gain valuable work experience with the possibility of receiving course credit.

With the growing skills shortage and fierce competition for talent employers can utilise the program to build their brand among students, gain access to high-calibre interns in a variety of specialist educations fields in business, and make the most of additional resources.

This fantastic learning opportunity also allows students to gain first-hand experience and apply the knowledge and skills related to their studies in an work place setting and build industry networks to assist them when they begin looking for employment. You will also have the opportunity to gain points towards The Adelaide Advantage by participating in an internship.

Have a look at the requirements for participating in the internship program.

An international experience as part of your degree?


The Professions Student Hub can help you get there.

International study is a valuable addition to any degree and this is especially true for those in the Faculty of the Professions.Graduates can set themselves apart with enhanced cultural awareness and international networks.

In the Faculty, you have the opportunity to undertake a semester- or year-long Exchange or a Short Study Program at a multitude of leading universities world-wide.

The Hub is here to help you. As a Commerce, Finance, Economics or Innovation and Entrepreneurship student you can receive specialised program advice to plan an international experience that will fit into your study plan. The Professions Hub Mobility Officer is available to support you in all stages of your overseas study experience. The Faculty may also provide some financial assistance to study overseas and by participating in overseas study, you will also have the opportunity to gain points towards The Adelaide Advantage.

Careers Service


Where education meets business on a daily basis.

The University of Adelaide Careers Service assists students to achieve career goals and make the transition from university student to workplace professional.

Careers Service offer a wide range of helpful advice, such as resume writing workshops through to big scale employer on campus events. Have a look through CareerHub for part time and full time jobs and graduate positions.

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