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About PASS

PASS is for all students, whether you want to improve from a Distinction to a High Distinction; a Pass to a Credit or even to obtain a pass. The program has a great track record of substantially improving students' grades.

The aim of PASS is to give as much assistance as possible to enable students to understand the key concepts of the study course and achieve their best results. Sessions are led by experienced students, or PASS leaders, who have mastered the course and want to help new students to learn how to succeed.

Semester 1 2017 PASS Courses and Class Times

PASS Courses & Session Times 2017

How is PASS different from tutorials?

Tutors often bring set questions to the tutorials for students to work through, and directly answer questions raised during tutorial sessions. PASS Leaders assist PASS students to work together to find the correct answers, and to develop their understanding of concepts by using:

  • Lecture notes
  • Tutorial materials
  • Textbooks and
  • Group discussions and creative exercises

It's a great way to consolidate learning and develop techniques for effective study.

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