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Series 216 - Professor R.W. Chapman [Chemistry Roll Books]

Date Range1890 - 1921
Quantity5 cm, 3 volumes
ProvenanceProfessor R.W. Chapman

The series records the names and attendance at lectures of students in each course (including evening classes) taught by Professor Chapman (Maths, Physics, Electricity, Electric Engineering, Surveying, Mining, Railway Engineering, Civil Engineering). He was Lecturer in Engineering 1888-1906; Professor of Engineering 1907-09; Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics 1910-19; Professor of Engineering 1920-37.

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Inventory Listing

Chemistry Roll Books of Professor R.W. Chapman

This item contains references to: Professors; Chemistry; Students

Date Range 1890 - 1921    Quantity 5 cm, 3 volumes
Inventory Identifier 021600001 Box Number 1 Series 216
Published by the University of Adelaide Archives on University of Adelaide Archives Web Site, 2003
Listed by University of Adelaide Archives
HTML edition University of Adelaide Archives
Updated 6 November 2013

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