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Adelaide Graduate Centre
Level 6, 115 Grenfell Street
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5882
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 5725

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Career & Research Skills Training (CaRST)

After offering well over a decade of service to the University. the former Research Education & Development (RED) group ceased on March 31, 2015, following the restructuring of the School of Education.

The Integrated Bridging Program (IBP-R) has moved seamlessly into the English Language Centre of Professional and Continuing Education and other changes in-line with the closure of RED, such as email contact points have been annotated on the website as well as being notified to Schools and Faculties.

As part of the change the Office of the DVCR will no longer support research into and around doctoral education but rather redirect funding to diversify and enrich the student experience and skills acquisition in line with international trends. Such a change is timely as the University is now entering an exciting phase with its international partners and can envisage new joint and collaborative doctoral programs as well as those, which are aimed at facilitating employment beyond the university.

Although undergoing change, the University of Adelaide is committed to enhance aspects of PhD education to ensure that graduates are able to aspire to leadership roles both within and outside the academic community. New courses to achieve this outcome will be added to the offerings for 2015 as they become available. These courses will be provided predominantly by the Faculties, Divisions and external experts rather than a centralised specialised team, although they will continue to be coordinated through the Adelaide Graduate Centre. There will be changes for both students and supervisors. New courses which reflect the reality of the modern research community will appear for example; Bibliometrics and Profile, Research Data Management, Intellectual Property & Commercialisation and Altmetrics & the Social Media.

Supervisor training will move to the new internationally recognised on-line Epigeum course “ Supervising Doctoral Studies” which will be made available though MyUni.

Integrated Bridging Program: Research

→ Programs for Research Higher degree students (EndNote, Statistics, NVivo)

→ Supervisor Induction Program