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The Adelaide Cystic Fibrosis Research Group

Our goal is to develop an effective genetic therapy for prevention or treatment of Cystic Fibrosis airway disease.

Research themes are currently focussed on several complementary areas; achieving effective lentiviral CFTR vector gene delivery, transduction of airway stem cells in situ to enable extended gene expression, development of rapid and accurate outcome measures for assessment of airway disease using X-rays, and the investigation of human amnion epithelial cells for use as a cell therapy to correct CF airway function.

The need for fast, reliable, and non-invasive methods to pre-clinically test for correction of CF airway physiological function has led to rapid progress using novel synchrotron X-ray imaging approaches in live mice in collaboration with physicists from Monash University and the Australian Synchrotron.

Research into translation of methods for potential human application in a non-synchrotron diagnostic setting has recently begun and has been assisted by the 2013 opening of the Imaging and Medical Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron and the Monash Dynamic X-ray Imaging Facility in the Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging.

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